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Welcome to Dougie Hamilton’s Big Money Seasons

Dougie Hamilton had a fantastic 2022-23. A career year, even. Now, he is set to get paid $12.6 million in salary for next season - the third highest salary in the NHL. Welcome to Dougie Hamilton’s Big Money Seasons. Can he possibly play up to it?

Expiring New Jersey Devils Entry Level Contracts in 2024 Part 3: Akira Schmid

New Jersey Devils goaltender Akira Schmid is entering the final season of his entry level contract in 2023-24. This post explains his situation and explores what the market may look like for a RFA goaltender based on signings since July 2022.

The New Jersey Devils Championship Window is Currently through 2027

This post is a big-picture look at the New Jersey Devils. The current squad might as well be called the 2027 Window Crew. This post also goes into what can happen for the Devils push out their window of contention out further.

Expiring New Jersey Devils Entry Level Contracts in 2024 Part 2: Dawson Mercer

New Jersey Devils forward Dawson Mercer is entering the final season of his entry level contract in 2023-24. This post explains why you should expect that Mercer is going to get paid extremely well.

What You Thought of the New Jersey Devils’ Picks at the 2023 NHL Draft

The New Jersey Devils drafted five players at the 2023 NHL Draft. This post shows the results of the quick polls of each draft pick to gauge the fans’ - the People Who Matter - initial reactions to who the Devils drafted this year.

Trade Targets to Consider for the New Jersey Devils 2023 Offseason

The offseason is not just for making picks and signing free agents. It can be about trades. This post goes into some names the New Jersey Devils should consider in a deal - and even a few to avoid.

Devils Potential Free Agent Targets: Bottom Six Forwards

With free agency starting on July 1, the New Jersey Devils may look to the market to fill in some gaps in their bottom two forward lines. This post goes over some pending free agent forwards who can play those limited minutes.

Lessons the New Jersey Devils Should Learn from the 2023 NHL Playoffs

The New Jersey Devils were eliminated in the second round by the Carolina Hurricanes. As the offseason now begins, the Devils have plenty to learn from their first playoff run since 2018. This post goes into some of the lessons they should learn.

The Issues with Carolina’s Aggressive Forecheck

The Carolina Hurricanes defended the New Jersey Devils exceptionally well in Game 1. That all started with Carolina’s aggressive forecheck. This post goes into what it was, the issues inherent in it, and what the Devils might want to try to do about their 1-2-2 (or 2-1-2) forecheck.

Predictions for the Next 30 Years of the NHL and New Jersey Devils

Since the 2022-23 New Jersey Devils are playoff-bound, and the next three games do not mean much, let’s look ahead and predict what could happen on and off the ice for the NHL and the Devils over the next 30 years.

Stretch Goals for the Final Stretch of a Successful New Jersey Devils Season

The 2022-23 New Jersey Devils have accomplished a lot in the regular season. It is arguably one of their best seasons ever in franchise history. With 11 games left to play starting tonight, this post goes over some other milestones that the team and its players can still achieve.

Getting Goalied: It Happens to Everyone, Even the 2022-23 New Jersey Devils

It is never fun to see the New Jersey Devils getting goalied in a game. But is there a way to objectively define such a game? This post comes up with a definition and applies it to the 2022-23 New Jersey Devils. The post also reveals how often the Devils goalied their opponents and lit up opposing goalies.

NJ Goal Breakdowns: Dawson Mercer’s 8 Game Goal Streak of DAWG

Dawson Mercer tied a franchise record of eight straight games with at least one goal scored in a streak that ended in Arizona this past Sunday. Given how much DAWG he showed on those goals, this post goes over how all 10 goals from those 8 games happened and general takeaways about Mercer from these summaries.

Who Should be the New Jersey Devils Head Coach After This Season?

New Jersey Devils head coach Lindy Ruff has overseen a massive turnaround in 2022-23 after a dismal 2021-22 campaign in the final year of his contract. Ruff has not been given an extension yet. This raises the question: Who should be the head coach of the Devils next season?

What is the Matter with Miles Wood

New Jersey Devils winger Miles Wood is at a pivotal point in his career as he could hit unrestricted free agency in the summer. Wood’s season has not been that good so far. This post goes into the limited nature of Wood’s game as the source of what’s the matter with him.

Ranking the Trade Value of the 2022-23 New Jersey Devils Players

The 2023 NHL Trade Deadline is a little more than a month away. The New Jersey Devils look to be buyers this season. This post ranks 25 Devils players with their perceived trade value to identify who other teams may want from New Jersey.

Is the New Jersey Devils Power Play Better Off Now than Last Season?

The New Jersey Devils fired Mark Recchi after last season, where the power play stunk. 41 games into this season, is the power play better under Andrew Brunette? The short answer: Yes. Read on to find out how, why, and what could be better.

I Don’t Understand Yegor Sharangovich’s Usage

Yegor Sharangovich is in a contract year, he is producing about the same as he did in the last two seasons, and yet his ice time has been cut except on the penalty kill. In this post, I look at his on-ice data and usage, and I don’t get it. What do you think?

A Very Early Look at the 2023 New Jersey Devils Free Agents

The New Jersey Devils have plenty of decisions to make in 2023 regarding their pending unrestricted and restricted free agents. From Jesper Bratt to Mason Geertsen, this post goes over all of them with initial takes on what the Devils should consider doing with them.

Late Period Goals Allowed: A Real and Costly Problem for the New Jersey Devils to Solve

The New Jersey Devils lost recently to Dallas on a gut punch of a last second goal in the second period. This post shows that it is one of many late period goals that have been a problem for the team. The post also goes into which ones have been costly and what they can do about it.

Mackenzie Blackwood is Hurt; Now What Do the New Jersey Devils Do in Net?

The New Jersey Devils have Mackenzie Blackwood and Vitek Vanecek as their goaltending tandem this season. However, Blackwood left Thursday’s game with an injury. What can the Devils do at this beleaguered position?

Expected Goals, Actual Goals, and the Early Days of the 2022-23 New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils’ start to this season featured a team that was doing great in terms of expected goals and lost big in their first two games with actual goals. This post goes over the model, the offense, and focuses on the goals allowed to establish it’s goaltending and mistakes - issues that would not come up in an expected goals model.

New Jersey Devils 2022-23 Season Preview Part 6: The Predictions

This is the sixth and final part of the All About the Jersey multi-part season preview of the 2022-23 New Jersey Devils season. The staff of AAtJ gives their thoughts about the season to come, a bold prediction, names an ‘X-factor,’ and gives a prediction for the Devils this season.

A Guide for 2022 Preseason Games for the New Jersey Devils Fan

The seven-game preseason for the New Jersey Devils preseason begins tomorrow. Given that the games do not count, this guide explains how to best watch the games to get value out of them and what they mean overall.

The Illusion of Projected Cap Space and the 2022-23 New Jersey Devils

On the surface, it looks like the New Jersey Devils will have a lot of cap space for the 2023 offseason with a projected $36.5 million. This post will explain why the Devils actually will not have that much space to work with by next Summer.

Diving into the Details of Ondrej Palat’s Contract with the New Jersey Devils

While the New Jersey Devils signed Ondrej Palat to a five-season contract worth $30 million, the details about the contract did not come out until Friday. Thanks to CapFriendly, this post goes into the salary structure and trade clauses Palat’s new contract now has.

All About the Jersey Roundtable: Discussing Free Agency for the Devils in 2022

Free agency will begin for UFAs on this Wednesday at noon. Ahead of the frenzy, the writers of All About the Jersey got together for a roundtable post and answered some the main questions that face the New Jersey Devils this year for free agents.

What You Initially Thought of the New Jersey Devils’ Picks at the 2022 NHL Draft

The New Jersey Devils made eight picks at the 2022 NHL Draft. This post looks at the results of the quick polls of each pick to gauge the fans’ initial reactions to who the Devils drafted this year.

All About the Jersey Roundtable: Discussing the 2022 NHL Draft for the Devils

The 2022 NHL Draft begins this Thursday with the New Jersey Devils currently owning the second overall pick. The staff got together to answer the main questions surrounding the Devils and the pick in this roundtable post.

Trade Value Rankings of the 2021-22 New Jersey Devils Players

The 2022 NHL Trade Deadline is less than a month away. With trade rumors heating up, this post ranks 28 New Jersey Devils players by their perceived trade value for this upcoming deadline and tries to justify each rank.

Help Yourself, Lindy Ruff; Help the Devils Goalies

The 2021-22 New Jersey Devils are bad and are on pace for being the worst team in franchise history during the salary cap era. What can head coach Lindy Ruff do? This post goes into detail with suggestions for Ruff that can help out the goaltenders and help himself in the process.

Do the New Jersey Devils Actually Need to Learn How to Win?

In the wake of their third-period meltdown in Toronto last week, it was remarked that the New Jersey Devils were a team still "learning how to win." This long post goes over every player and coaching staff member to determine if they were Winners or if they need to "learn How to Win."