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An Incredibly Early 2022 Olympics Projection for Devils Players & Men’s USA Hockey

Signs are showing that the NHL expects to pause for the 2022 Winter Olympics next February. Thus, assuming the NHL does participate, this post is a very early projection of which New Jersey Devils players could go to Beijing and who could represent America in men’s ice hockey.

Offseason Division Snapshot: How the New Jersey Devils’ Moves Stack Up in the Division

The New Jersey Devils improved themselves on the first day of free agency. What about the rest of the division? This offseason version of the division snapshot looks at all eight teams, what they have done up through July 29, and whether they became a better team in the process.

Spend Money, Acquire Dougie: New Jersey Devils Summary of the First Day of Free Agency

After years of quiet first days in free agency, the New Jersey Devils spent significant money to sign Dougie Hamilton and Jonathan Bernier. This post goes over the five moves the Devils made today, where they stand in their cap, and what could be next.

What You Initially Thought of the New Jersey Devils’ Picks at the 2021 NHL Draft

The New Jersey Devils made seven selections at the 2021 NHL Draft. This post looks at the results of the quick polls of each pick to gauge the fans’ initial reactions to who the Devils picked. The Luke Hughes pick was at least loved.

2021 NHL Mock Draft Roundup: Expect At Least One Defenseman for the New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils have two first round picks in what is considered to be a wide-open 2021 NHL Entry Draft. In order to get a handle on who could be available at each pick, 23 mock drafts were rounded up to see who others think New Jersey will take at fourth and twenty-ninth overall.

The All About the Jersey 2021 NHL Mock Draft of the First Round

Tomorrow begins the 2021 NHL Draft. The staff at All About the Jersey put together a mock draft for this year’s first round. Read on to find out who we decided at fourth overall for the New Jersey Devils and who you would pick at 29th overall since we could not decide it ourselves.

Who Should the New Jersey Devils Protect for the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft: An AAtJ Roundtable

On Saturday, 30 of the NHL’s 31 teams must submit a protection list ahead of the Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft on July 21. For the New Jersey Devils, the AAtJ writers answered who they would protect from the Devils and who they would want Seattle to take.

How the New Jersey Devils Wrecked Their Team Save Percentage in April

The New Jersey Devils are suffering a horrible ten game losing streak wherein they gave up a lot of goals. The Devils’ team save percentage has been horrid. Is it all on the goaltenders? Not during this losing streak as there have been a lot of failures by the skaters and the penalty kill. This post has the pictures to demonstrate those many failures.

Welcome to The Week of Pity Against the Second-Rate Rivals Philadelphia Flyers

The New Jersey Devils will close out the month of April with four games in seven days from Sunday to Saturday against their second most-hated rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers. This post goes in on the Flyers as it declares this to be The Week of Pity.

Another NHL Trade Deadline of Selling for the New Jersey Devils - So Now What?

The 2021 NHL Trade Deadline ended with the New Jersey Devils seeing Sami Vatanen claimed on waivers and sending Dmitry Kulikov to Edmonton for a conditional pick. This post goes over what the Devils did, what Tom Fitzgerald said in a post-deadline press conference, and what we could see next from the Devils this season.

Welcome to The Week of Hate: It’s 2021 & The New York Rangers Still Suck

The Week of Hate begins, a stretch of four consecutive games between the New Jersey Devils and Our Hated Rivals, the New York Rangers. Before the first game, this post rants about how the Rangers still suck - even if they should prevail in The Week of Hate.

Evaluating and Re-Litigating the New Jersey Devils Re-Build So Far

The New Jersey Devils have entered a re-building phase since May 2015. Since then, the Devils have changed a lot but their re-build has yielded little. They are now in their sixth season of re-building and about to have their fifth season of missing the playoffs. This long post evaluates and re-litigates the re-build so far.

Everything Sucks in a New Jersey Devils Slump, so Let’s Go Over It in Detail

The New Jersey Devils have won just four games in their last 12 games. Lots of fans are unhappy about it, as they should be. This post addresses a lot of the concerns, issues, beefs, takes, and thoughts given during the team’s recent run of futility.

A Look at the Disastrous New Jersey Devils Penalty Kill

The New Jersey Devils’ penalty kill so far in the 2021 season has been absolutely horrible. This post looks at exactly how bad it has been after the team’s first 13 games. It does not even know where to begin with making changes.

What Would Success Look Like for the 2020-21 New Jersey Devils?

Assuming there will be a 2020-21 season, one of the questions facing a New Jersey Devils team is what would success in 2020-21 look like for them. This post offers a suggested goal for the team after two straight miserable seasons.

New Jersey Devils Prospects with Something to Prove for a Contract in 2021

With uncertainty in the hockey world for a full 2020-21 season, several young New Jersey Devils prospects will be up for a new contract in 2021. They have something to prove. This post lists who they are, what they did recently, and takes a guess as to their chances for getting one.

What You Thought: You Liked a Lot of the New Jersey Devils’ Picks at the 2020 NHL Draft

The New Jersey Devils made eight picks in Tom Fitzgerald’s first draft as general manager earlier this week. Absent any activity on the first day of free agency, this post looks at the results of the flash polls of the reader’s reaction to each of those picks. Most of you mostly like who the Devils picked.

2020 NHL Mock Draft Roundup: Plenty to Choose for the New Jersey Devils

With the New Jersey Devils owning three first round picks in the 2020 NHL Draft, they have a lot of options to decide. To help clarify those options, this post rounded up 18 mock draft to figure out who should be expected to be there at each selection.

Lessons the New Jersey Devils Can Learn from the 2020 Stanley Cup Winners, Tampa Bay Lightning

Blake Coleman and the Tampa Bay Lightning are the 2020 Stanley Cup winners. As they won, there are plenty of lessons and ideas the New Jersey Devils - who did not even make the playoffs - can learn from the Lightning.

2020 Free Agency & Offseason Preview for the New Jersey Devils

As the Stanley Cup Playoffs wind down, offseason activity is increasing around the league. The NHL Draft and free agency will begin in a few weeks. This post previews the offseason for the New Jersey Devils with looks at their salary cap, team needs, current rumors, and more.

A Look at Potential Goaltending Coaches for the New Jersey Devils

There have been a lot of changes for the Devils coaching staff since they last played a game. Recently, the goaltending coach position opened up after the team parted ways with Roland Melanson. Today’s post will take a look at some potential options.

The Pros and Cons of the New Jersey Devils Keeping Alain Nasreddine

As Mark Recchi was being hired by the New Jersey Devils, word came out that Alain Nasreddine will be kept by the team as an assistant coach, a role he served the team since 2015. This post goes over the pros and cons of the team keeping Nasreddine.

Modest Trade Proposals for the New Jersey Devils: Targeting Erik Cernak

Today, we will take a look at Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Erik Cernak as we continue to look at modest and reasonable trade proposals. Cernak has emerged as a reliable NHL defender but Tampa Bay is facing a complicated cap situation which could make re-signing the Restricted Free Agent difficult. This post will discuss why the Devils should target Cernak and how they could make a trade with Tampa Bay work for both sides.

Modest Trade Proposals for the New Jersey Devils: Targeting Slater Koekkoek

Trade proposals are often one-sided and derided for being unrealistic. This week, All About the Jersey will present some more modest and reasonable ones. This one discusses why the New Jersey Devils may want to target Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Slater Koekkoek and what it could take to make it happen.

2020 NHL Draft Lottery Aftermath for the New Jersey Devils: An All About the Jersey Roundtable

Bill Daly revealed the results of the first phase of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery on Friday. The New Jersey Devils are picking seventh overall. Now what? Multiple writers at All About the Jersey answer some of the questions raised in the aftermath of the draft lottery in this roundtable post.

Underdogs to the End of the Wales Conference Finals: The 1987-88 New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils season that best represents them as underdogs would be the 1987-88 season. They barely made the playoffs for the first time since the move to New Jersey, and went on to stun the Islanders and Capitals, and take Boston to the brink. This post is a look back at the team’s first playoff run, unexpected as it was.

What If Mike Van Ryn Wanted to Sign with the New Jersey Devils?

Mike Van Ryn was drafted by the New Jersey Devils in 1998. He wanted to be a free agent and he did so through a loophole in free agency and a winning arbitration case. This post goes over that and also asks the question: What if Mike Van Ryn did want to sign with the Devils?

The Versatile New Jersey Devil: Sergei Brylin

Sergei Brylin has been a member of the New Jersey Devils organization for over 20 years. First as a player and now as an assistant coach with the AHL affiliate in Binghamton. He won 3 Stanley Cups with the Devils and is a cult hero to many fans. This post explains why he is so well regarded by many Devils fans.

Sami Vatanen: The Best Finnish New Jersey Devils Player So Far?

Sami Vatanen, who is now with the Carolina Hurricanes, played a lot for the New Jersey Devils in the last 3 seasons. Was it enough to be the best Finnish-born Devils player in franchise history? This post looks at the competition, Vatanen’s time in New Jersey, and answers the question.

Different But Still Bad: A Comparison of the New Jersey Devils Under Hynes & Nasreddine

Last Tuesday, the New Jersey Devils played their 26th game under interim head coach Alain Nasreddine. John Hynes coached 26 games before he was fired in December 2019. This in-depth post looks at the stats and opines on how the Devils have performed for the 26 games under each coach this season.

Ray Shero is Out as Devils GM, What’s Next? An All About the Jersey Roundtable

Less than two hours before the New Jersey Devils would play (and beat!) Tampa Bay, it was reported that Ray Shero was no longer GM of the team. Over a day later, multiple writers at All About the Jersey shared their thoughts about the news through answering ten different questions about Shero and where the team goes from here.

Are the New Jersey Devils Better Off Now than Six Seasons Ago?

As the 2019-20 season is another lost one for the New Jersey Devils, more and more questions are being raised at how general manager Ray Shero has performed. This post asks the main question for it: At the Devils better off now than six seasons ago, the last full season with Peter DeBoer as coach and Lou’s penultimate campaign?