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Prospects - Devils & Otherwise

Five Devils Prospects Who May Be Moved Before the Deadline

With the NHL trade deadline approaching on March 8th, the prospect update looks at five Devils prospects who could be potentially moved.

New Jersey Devils European Prospect Update: Malek Stays Strong

Jakub Malek is quietly putting up a strong season in the Liiga and is 6th in the league in SV%. This post updates on Malek and the other prospects developing in Europe.

New Jersey Devils Prospect Update: Is it Poulter time?

Two shutouts in four games seems like a dream to Devils fans, who have seen the team struggle in net for most of this season. Isaac Poulter has just done that. Is it time to give him a look? This post takes a deeper look at the Comets best goaltender this season.

New Jersey Devils Junior’s Prospect Update: Filmon The Professional

This season, the Devils Juniors prospects have been dominated by Josh Filmon and Cam Squires, but at least one of them will be graduating to full-time professional hockey at the end of the season. Check out all the Juniors developments below.

New Jersey Devils NCAA Prospect Update: Everything’s Coming Up Michigan

A Michigan goal, a Michigan star, a Michigan player’s much-anticipated return to the lineup. This post updates on all the Devils prospect news hailing from the Wolverine State as well as the other Devils hopefuls developing in the NCAA.

New Jersey Devils European Prospect Update: The Gritsyuk Show

Gritsyuk is leading the pack in Europe. We check in on the scoring Russian winger and all of the Devils prospects developing overseas.

Utica Comets Update: Next Man Up Edition

With the Devils plagued by the injury bug, the Comets have also had to expand their lineup to let in some new faces to replace those called up to New Jersey. This post updates on everything Utica.

New Jersey Devils Prospect Update: World Juniors Edition

USA won the World Juniors tournament this year. Here is how Devils prospects Lenni Hameenaho and Seamus Casey fared.

New Jersey Devils Prospect Update: Some Goals for the New Year

Devils prospects scored some goals this past year. Let’s take a look at some.

New Jersey Devils Prospect Spotlight: Lenni Hameenaho

Last year’s 2nd round pick, Lenni Hameenaho has been great this season for Assat. How great? This post takes a closer look at his development.

Hämeenaho, Casey, and the 2024 World Junior Championships Open Post

The 2024 World Junior Championships are a high-intensity, highly entertaining international hockey tournament of the recently drafted with some of the soon to be drafted. Discuss everything that happens at the WJCs from Seamus Casey to Lenni Hämeenaho and more here.

The Continued Dominance of the United States National Team Developmental Program

For the last two decades, American hockey has been on a tear at the youth level from dominating the World Under-18 Championships, contending at the World Junior Championships, and getting guys drafted from Jack Hughes to Patrick Moynihan. Why? In six letters: USNTDP.

New Jersey Devils NCAA Prospects Update: Shlaine Holding Steady

Seamus Casey is still on top, but others like Artem Shlaine are having fine seasons as well. This post covers what has been happening with the Devils prospects in the NCAA.

New Jersey Devils Juniors Prospect Update: Squires on a Roll

Squires has risen the highest of all the Devils Juniors prospects since last update. See who else has been hot lately. This post covers them all.

New Jersey Devils European Prospects Update: Hameenaho Heating Up Again

Lenni Hameenaho is hot again and is now tied for 5th in the Liiga in goals, two back from the league lead of 13. This post updates on Hameenaho’s progress and on all the other Devils prospects skating across Europe.

Utica Comets Update: Nemec is back

Utica may be struggling, but Simon Nemec is not. This post updates on the Devils prospects in the AHL.

New Jersey Devils NCAA Prospects Update: Casey Leading The Pack

While much of the NCAA prospect news has been on the stellar start to Seamus Casey’s season, he is not the only Devil in the NCAA averaging over a pt/g. This post updates on Casey and the other collegiate Devils prospects.

New Jersey Devils Juniors Prospects Update: Filmon on Top

Filmon is having another strong season. This post updates his encouraging start and all the other Juniors prospects in the Devils system.

New Jersey Devils European Prospect Update: Gritsyuk Surging

Arseni Gritsyuk has turned his season around quickly. This posts updates on the young Russian’s strong play and all of the other Devils prospects skating across Europe.

Utica Comets Update: Professional Firsts

Chase Stillman had a strong game on Saturday, scoring two goals in a losing effort, but he’s not the only prospect who has scored his first professional points already this season.

New Jersey Devils NCAA Prospect Update: Casey on Fire

The NCAA season has started. This post updates on where everyone is at to start the season.

New Jersey Devils Juniors Prospect Update: Hockey is Back Edition!

Hockey is back! This post looks at the start of the seasons for the Devils prospects developing in the Canadian Juniors and the USHL.

The Final Cuts Await for New Jersey Devils: Max Willman Signed; Five More to Go

With the New Jersey Devils perfect preseason in the past, the Devils are making cuts ahead of the regular season. They signed PTO Max Willman to a two-way deal and cut him along with five others. Five more cuts have to be made before the season.

New Jersey Devils Prospect Update: Hameenaho Hitting the Mark

With little else to update until the rest of the prospects get further along in their seasons, all the focus is on Lenni Hameenaho with seven points (six goals) in his first eight games.

The Week of Tougher Decisions: New Jersey Devils Camp Entering Final Week

The New Jersey Devils ended their first week of preseason with wins and 15 players cut from the roster. With 42 players left in camp, more and tougher decisions will need to be made in this coming week. This post goes over what those would be and guesses who could be cut at this rate.

New Jersey Devils European Prospect Update: It Begins!

The 2023-24 season has kicked off all across Europe. This post takes an early look at their seasons and unveils a slight change to the format.

Putting One or Even Two Rookies on the New Jersey Devils Blueline May Not Be a Big Risk

Luke Hughes and Simon Nemec are young, inexperienced defensemen and both of them could make the New Jersey Devils. Plus, Kevin Bahl also has less than 100 NHL games played and he could be a regular. Is this a big deal? This post goes in length as to why it may not be.

The 2023 Training Camp Roster of the New Jersey Devils

Training camp has begun in earnest for the 32 NHL teams. As such, the New Jersey Devils announced a 57-man roster for their training camp. Between contract statuses and one PTO, 43 of them are eligible right now. Among them, up to 23 will be named. The competition for spots starts now.

The 2023 AATJ Top 25 New Jersey Devils Under 25: The Top Five

This week, we reveal the Top 5 of this year’s Top 25 New Jersey Devils Under 25 list. You know who the first two are; third place ended up being a tight race to call. Find out who ranked the highest between the writers and the readers.

The Waiver Exempt New Jersey Devils Players for the 2023-24 Season

As veterans are about to report to training camp and preseason beginning in just over a week, this is an annual look at the waiver exempt New Jersey Devils players for 2023-24. This covers what has to happen before a player has to go through waivers and what it means for the team.

New Jersey Devils Reveals 24-Man Roster for 2023 Prospect Challenge

Ahead of the 2023 Prospects Challenge, which begins Friday, the New Jersey Devils announced a 24-man roster for this year’s tourney. From Luke Hughes to Jace Isley, this post covers who is going and where each stand.

The 2023 AATJ Top 25 Devils Under 25: The Reveal of 6th to 10th

This post reveals the second half of the top 10: two defenders (one a prospect and another who broke out last season), two forwards looking to push for a spot in camp and a goaltender on a meteoric rise.