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The Best of In Lou We Trust So Far

This is a list of what readers of In Lou We Trust consider to the best posts they've read over the past five+ years.

In Lou We Trust has been a part of SB Nation for at least five years now as the network's blog about the New Jersey Devils. Over those five years, there have been thousands of articles read by millions of people. Some posts stuck out more than others for one reason or another. As a service to new readers who are discovering ILWT now and to those current readers who want to look back a bit, I've put together a list of some of the best posts ever to appear on In Lou We Trust. Suggestions were solicited by readers and former and current contributors. More may be added in the (distant?) future as ILWT remains active.

This list was last updated on November 17, 2012.

Post: Total Embarrassment by New Jersey Devils Ends 2009-10 Season; Lose to Philadelphia Flyers 3-0

Type: Game Recap

Suggested By: John Fischer

Explanation by Suggester: It was the most cathartic piece I wrote after a dreadful 2010 playoff run. Over two years and a bunch of playoff wins later, I think it holds up remarkably well. In addition to just getting out everything I had in my head after that miserable Game 5 loss, it got linked by the New York Times' sports section. That and led to NoMeansNo's first and only mention by that organization, which made them quite excited. At least, someone was made happy after that loss.

Post: Let's Breakdown Scott Burnside's Latest Shameful Article about the New Jersey Devils

Type: Opinion Post

Suggested By: David Sarch of Talking Red

Explanation by Suggester: In all honesty I don't look at how far the "experts" pick the Devils to finish out of the playoffs. I do however try and at least glance at all the other articles posted about the Devils because there tend not to be that many of them. I remember reading this particular gem of an article by Scott Burnside that this post references and thinking to myself, what an idiot. The next morning I woke up and found this gem on In Lou We Trust, as John posted it at 4 AM. It really, really did make my day. - David Sarch

Post: The Neutral Zone Trap & the New Jersey Devils

Type: Explanation Post, Devils History Post

Suggested By: NJGuy

Explanation by Suggester: Being a participant on a New Jersey Devils Blog, New Jersey’s association with the Neutral Zone Trap is often mentioned. As a younger fan, I don’t know the complete story of how we utilized the famous (or infamous depending on who you speak to) to win three Stanley Cups. The Neutral Zone Trap was so effective that the frustration that its victims bore toward it brought about the faster-paced age of hockey that we know today. This post analyzes the history of the Neutral Zone Trap, and how New Jersey successfully employed it.

Post: Reviewing the Goals Allowed by Martin Brodeur: December 2011

Type: Analysis Post

Suggested By: Tyler Bleszinski, SB Nation Editorial Manager

Explanation by Suggester: First, our team sites are better about dissecting and fretting over every single minutiae and nothing demonstrates that more and views things through a different prism. Assumptions that most fans make about a player can be disproven by someone who pays attention to those details. Is there still a subjectiveness to it? Sure. But there are also clear ground rules for it and a definition of soft goals so people know where you're coming from. And it opens it up for discussion.

Post: Why Jacques Lemaire is the Right Choice for Interim Head Coach for this New Jersey Devils Team

Type: Opinion Post

Suggested By: David Fine

Explanation by Suggester: As the Devils fell into the basement of the Eastern Conference, I felt my dedication to the the team was the highest it had ever been; as a younger fan, it’s tough to remember the specifics of all of the Cup wins. For the first time in my life, I found myself having to defend my team without the usual "we win, that’s all" excuse. That year, as the team sputtered, I found myself wanting to hear more about the team I loved; it was important to see what management was doing to turn it around. Everything about this article made me believe Jersey’s Team made the right choice by bringing in Jacques Lemaire to replace MacLean. It turned out Lou (and John Fischer) nailed it. After barely missing the playoffs in 2010-11, and making the Cup Finals last year, I always return to Lemaire’s hiring as the reason why NJ turned it around so quickly.

Post: Rockin’ the Rock: A Look at the Devils Attendance at Prudential Center

Type: Analysis Post

Suggested by: Cherno77

Explanation by Suggester: I've been obsessed with the Devils’ attendance numbers since my time rooting away Rangers fans at Brendan Byrne Arena. Matt Ventolo has been a vital source on this subject. His audition post for ILWT is still a classic, something I've Googled and referred to on numerous occasions. Years from now, when we want to see how the strike has affected attendance, we’ll be coming back to examine the stats and graphs he compiled in this and subsequent posts on the topic.

Post: Top 10 New Jersey Devils Moments of the Decade: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Type: Historical Post

Suggested by: Steve Lepore, former ILWT writer and current SBN contributor.

Explanation by Suggester: I loved working on this piece because it was an excuse to scour YouTube for videos of old Devils games. It also gave me a feeling that I had contributed something that was canonical and permanent to this great website, and done proud by all the great writers that had contributed and are still contributing now.

Post: The Five (or so) Stages of Dealing with the Disappointing New Jersey Devils

Type: Opinion Post

Suggested by: Kevin Sellathamby, current ILWT writer

Explanation by Suggester: Well, it was one of the few times when the entire fanbase was watching a very good team fall apart by the seams. It described perfectly how a lot of us felt about the team. From the denial to the anger to the accepting of what was happening.

Post: The Two Most Important People in New Jersey Devils History

Type: Historical Post

Suggested by: FrankG929

Explanation by Suggester: This post points out how easy it is to miss the obvious. John stated, "he’s not the first name that comes to most Devils’ fans minds as being so important." Probably true in most cases, but having been there since day 1, Dr. McMullen would have been an easy choice for me as well. I’d mentioned him being critical to my fandom in Devils Fan Guide: Why We Love the Devils (which, by the way, wouldn’t be a bad choice to include here as well). Yes, Lou has shaped the current Devils, but I probably still wouldn’t care about hockey without Dr. McMullen.