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In Lou We Trust: FanShot Guidelines

One of the features all members of In Lou We Trust (which is free, so get yourself a SBN account, which is also free) have is the ability to post FanShots.

What in the world is a FanShot?

A FanShot is a quick little post designed for sharing things you found.

When should I post a FanShot?

  • If you just found something - a link to an article, a picture, an embedded video, a quote, or a list - about the Devils. Write up a catchy headline, include a quick thought or two, and you're good to go.
  • You don't have anything more to add other than "Here's this thing, what do you think?"
  • You don't have enough content for a FanPost (75 words, an actual opinion/analysis).

What can I post for a FanShot?

Mostly anything about the New Jersey Devils or anything related to the Devils. This includes the Lowell Devils, Trenton Devils, Devils prospects, Devils-organizational-related, Devils-business-related, and so forth.

I will allow other NHL news, such as player signings or other big news, to be used for FanShots.

Don't use FanShots to just post every Gulitti, Chere, or every post of some other blog or something like that. The idea is to use for a specific article of interest that isn't covered on the site.

You can even use FanShots something you made (e.g. you wrote a song, you made a video, you made an image) and want to share - for free. FANSHOTS BY USERS ARE NOT TO BE USED TO ADVERTISE/SELL A PRODUCT.

Basically, if you found a link to something that other Devils fans would like to read or see or would like them to know about, then a FanShot would be far, far, far better than making a really short FanPost. If you want a quick thought on something, a FanShot is far, far, far more appopriate than making a short FanPost.

What does the FanShot format look like?

For about all of them, the top field is used to enter the URL/embed code of for the link/image/video/quote. The second one is for any short commentary you want to add as well as any links to sources. They have buttons for bolding, italicizing, and striking through text as well as adding links. They are self-explanatory.

So here's a picture of the New FanShot format looks like with a quick MS Paint job that explains everything else:


Note: I'm not certain whether standard users have the Twitter sharing option. Just as a heads up there, you may have to manually Tweet your FanShot in that case - should you so desire.

What rules apply for FanShots?

The Rules & General Guidelines apply for all FanPosts and FanShots. So, no, you can't link to something obscene or use FanShots for spamming purposes. I'd like to especially highlight the following:

  • Keep it clean.
  • Don't use the FanShots for spamming your stuff/someone else's stuff.
  • Devils-related FanShots are preferred but NHL/hockey related information is OK - This doesn't mean you should post links to all kinds of NHL/hockey news. But if it's important enough to warrant attention for Devils fans, it's allowed here.
  • You must link your sources. This applies you're posting a quote, a video, or an image. If you didn't make it yourself, credit whoever did.
  • Matt, Kevin, Tom, Tibbs, and I reserve to the right to remove bad FanShots. Namely, ones that break the rules. We haven't had to do too much of this, and we hope we don't have to in the future.

I do read all FanShots (and FanPosts) and I offer my suggestions (e.g. changing the type of FanShot) in comments. When I do make comments. I don't do this to put anyone on the spot, it's just that I have found it's better to keep communication open and others who read it will get a better idea of what makes a good FanShot. Hopefully, this guide will eliminate a lot of that. Still, don't take anything I say personally, I have no personal animus against any user; I just want to be helpful.

Rarely will I edit someone else's FanShot myself, usually only to add my own quick thought, maybe a few tags. If I have to re-post one (e.g. changing a link to a video into a video FanShot), I'll credit the original user who posted it. I will place good and really interesting ones on the front page.

Can you recommend any FanShots as examples of a Good FanShot?

Sure. Check these fairly recent ones out:

Any other guides out there for FanShots?

Definitely. Here are two I immediately recommend: