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We Were Wrong with a But: A Review of Our 2022-23 New Jersey Devils Predictions

As the regular season approaches, so does our multi-part season preview of the 2023-24 New Jersey Devils. The preview will end with a series of predictions for the upcoming season. Before getting into those, how did we do with last season’s predictions? Spoiler: Wrong with a but.

The 2023 AATJ Top 25 Devils Under 25: The Reveal of 6th to 10th

This post reveals the second half of the top 10: two defenders (one a prospect and another who broke out last season), two forwards looking to push for a spot in camp and a goaltender on a meteoric rise.

All About the Jersey Wants 2 of You to Preview & Recap Devils Games

Are you interested in writing game previews and recaps of the New Jersey Devils for the People Who Matter, the fans of the New Jersey Devils? Are you able to work with a group and a schedule? There is an opportunity for two of you at All About the Jersey.

Time to Vote for the 2023 All About the Jersey Top 25 New Jersey Devils Under 25 List

The twelfth annual All About the Jersey Top 25 Under 25 list is finally here! This article explains who is available and how to submit your rankings for the final list.

A Puckdoku Guide for the New Jersey Devils Fan

Puckdoku is this offseason’s timekiller of choice for hockey fans to fill out 3 by 3 grids of players. It’s a fun trivia game drawing on hockey history. This post is focused on helping those play the game with a a New Jersey Devils perspective, listing many that have come through the organization since 1974.

Two Words About the Current State of All About the Jersey

A short statement about the state of All About the Jersey as of January 20, 2023.

A Response to Sean Fitz-Gerald’s & The Athletic’s Hatchet Job on Scott Stevens

Sean Fitz-Gerald, former 2015 Sportswriter of the Year per Sports Media Canada, wrote up a retrospective piece on Scott Stevens for The Athletic. It is a terrible hatchet job that cannot be ignored. This is a response to the awful post.

All About the Jersey Wants You to Preview & Recap Devils Games

Are you a someone who wants to preview and recap games of the New Jersey Devils for fans of the New Jersey Devils? Are you able to work with a group and a schedule? Then there’s an opportunity for you at All About the Jersey.

Weekly Prospect Writer Opportunity for All About the Jersey

Are you a someone who wants to share their thoughts and passion for the New Jersey Devils prospects? Are you able to write at least once a week for thousands of readers about the team’s prospects? Then there’s an opportunity for you at All About the Jersey.

Air Your Devils-Related Grievances on the Next Garden State of Hockey

The next episode of Garden State of Hockey will be recorded on Festivus. As the 2021-22 New Jersey Devils slide into oblivion, this episode will be one where you can air your grievances about the Devils. Details about this are in this post.

Site News: Welcome Jared & Stephen to All About the Jersey

Ahead of the 2021-22 New Jersey Devils season, two new people have been tabbed to join the All About the Jersey staff. This post welcomes Jared Moore and Stephen Schnoor to the site.

Weekly Writer Opportunity for All About the Jersey

Are you a someone who wants to share their thoughts, words, and passion for the New Jersey Devils? Are you able to write at least once a week for thousands of readers? Then there’s an opportunity for you at All About the Jersey.

Site News: Please Take the SB Nation Community Survey

A bit of site news: a request for you, the reader, to participate in the SB Nation Community Survey so the network knows what and how you interact with this site for a better tomorrow.

Black Lives Matter in Hockey

This is a statement and a call to action from All About the Jersey with respect to this community, the Devils fanbase at large, and the larger hockey community. Black lives matter, they matter in hockey, and we need to make that true.

P.K. Subban Donates to George Floyd’s Daughter, Gets NHL to Match Donation, and States to ‘Change the Game’

Earlier today, P.K. Subban donated $50k to the GoFundMe of Gionna Floyd, the six-year old daughter of George Floyd. Subban also contacted the NHL and Gary Bettman agreed to match it. This post commends this move by Subban and lists other things people can do to help Change the Game.

NHLPA Agreed to 24-Team Return to Play Format; New Jersey Devils Done until 2020-21

This post is a delayed reaction to the NHLPA agreeing to the NHL’s proposal of a 24-team return to play format for 2020, which does not involve the New Jersey Devils. They are done for the season. Questions about outstanding issues are raised and some details about what will happen on this site in the short-term.

NHL Pauses 2019-20 Season; AHL Also Suspends Season; Prudential Center Postpones March Events

Earlier today, the National Hockey League announced that the 2019-20 season is temporarily suspended. The American Hockey League followed suit. The Prudential Center postponed all March events. This post is a summary of the news that impacts the league, the New Jersey Devils, and this blog.

A Decade of Necessary Changes Part 11: The End of the 2010s for the New Jersey Devils

The 2010s are over and so ends a decade of New Jersey Devils hockey where past glories ended and difficult and necessary changes were made. In this last part of the series, all previous posts are linked, additional thoughts about 2019 are given, all-decade parts, takeaways from the decade, and a whole lot of thanks are given.

The Worst Jerseys in New Jersey’s History is Actually from Kansas City

As part of SB Nation Hockey’s worst jerseys ever series, the choice from the New Jersey Devils is not a jersey that the New Jersey Devils ever wore. The ugliest sweaters goes all the way back to the start of the franchise with the Kansas City Scouts.

New Jersey Devils Fans, Have Your Say with the SB Nation NHL FanPulse

The NHL FanPulse is a new polling initiative by SB Nation to measure fan opinion across the league. This post calls on the New Jersey Devils fans, the People Who Matter, to consider signing up to vote on NHL-related polls.

All About the Jersey is Hiring a Game Previewer and Recapper

There is a new opening at All About the Jersey, the New Jersey Devils blog at SB Nation, for a Game Previewer and Recapper. Read on if you are interested.

Mason Fischer: A Potential 2037 Prospect Profile

Mason Ray Fischer was born earlier today on January 4, 2019. He is technically a prospect in the truest sense of the word as he has the potential to do a lot in this life. This post announces the news and what it means in the short term for AATJ.

Meta: Hockey Blogging Ideas for Those Who are Interested in It

Hockey blogging has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 10-12 years. However, there are some topics that are underserved in the larger community. This post goes over what those are in the hopes of inspiring others to get into it.

An All About the Jersey Declaration of Principles

The NHL, NHLPA, and 15 other hockey organizations released a Declaration of Principles. This was inspiring enough to set some principles for this Devils blog.

Volunteers Obtained: Welcome Chris, Dan, Nick, & Ryan

The offseason for All About the Jersey continues to be positive. In response to a call for volunteer two weeks ago, this post announces that four people will be joining: Chris Fieldhouse, Dan Rozel, Nick Varney, and Ryan Grosso.

Volunteers Wanted ‘17: Writer Positions Available for AAtJ

Just as the New Jersey Devils are trying to strengthen their roster, so are we at All About the Jersey. There are two roles where we need volunteers for; this post has the details for those interested.

Welcome Jeff Ulmer & Alicia Strauch to All About the Jersey

The offseason is not just for the New Jersey Devils, but also for All About the Jersey. This post formally welcomes Jeff Ulmer and Alicia Strauch, who will be focusing on the Binghamton Devils for the upcoming season.

Hockey is for Everyone - And Everyone Can Make That Happen

As the New Jersey Devils are hosting their first ever Pride Night tonight, this post encourages you, the hockey fan, to support the concept that Hockey is for Everyone because without your support - it won’t happen.

Devils Daily #131: My 2nd Interview w/ Devils Insiders

I was recently interviewed for the second time by Dave Turner and Jeff O’Connor of the Devils Insiders. We talked about the site, stats, the Devils’ defense, Ray Shero, the Devils Ring of Honor, and more about the team.

Your Decision 2016: The Rangers Suck

I polled the people through the site’s account on Twitter. A sample of the site’s readers have spoken: The Rangers suck.

Not Stopping Yet: 10 Years of Blogging About the Devils

Ten years ago, I began to blog about the New Jersey Devils back on a Blogspot site called In Lou We Trust. I look back and thank a lot of people along the way for accomplishing so much.

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Meta: Blog Thoughts on Readers & Audiences

More stream of consciousness-like thoughts about blogging. This post focuses on dealing with the readers and the larger audience of a blog - good, bad, and in between.