Fedotenko, Exelby, and Semenov get tryouts with Rangers


Exelby link- Semenov link- Oh the laughs. Fedotenko is just awful, Exelby was terrible last year and only hits, and Semenov is just 6'6.



3 Devils on the top 10 list! You guys can guess who they are but I will give you a hint, there is a certain famous Russian, American, and Canadian.

Proof that Ilya Kovalchuk is an All-World Shooter


Gabe Desjardens brings up a question no one really considered - who's a better shooter, Ilya Kovalchuk or Jody Shelley. However, he statistically proves that Shelley's not even remotely close to coming near Kovalchuk's shooting skills; as Kovalchuk is likely the best shooter in the game today. Man, whoever gets to see him on their team next season should feel excited about reading that!

Bill Guerin back in NJ?


Which one will it be? If Rolston is moved I see Billy here. If Rolston isn't moved. Billy will probably be in Philly.

Leafs and Devils talking trade?


The sooner the Devils clear cap space the better, although I'm surprised that it's the Leafs that could take a player off our hands.

Richard Park signs in Switzerland


Shame. He could've been a help in New Jersey.

Hockey's best players by the numbers they wore


Quite a few Devils and ex-Devils on the list of 1-33

Another Swede coming to camp


TG reports Marcus Nilson to try out with the Devils.

B. Holik to do NHL TV with NHLNetwork


It's not the main headline, but Gulitti also confirms the Holik story on his Twitter account. There is also a report that Marcus Nilson will try out with NJ.

"Frankenstein" on TV


Bobby Holik will be on TV this year for the NHL Network and on NHL Live. Good think NHL Network will be in HD this year. Can't wait to hear his voice.