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Enhance Your Experience


As We Hope for More, Let's Share Our Favorite New Jersey Devils Highlights

In this Samsung-sponsored post, I share a few of my New Jersey Devils highlights while asking the users for theirs as we all wait for the Devils to make more against the Kings in the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals.

Improvements that TV Broadcasts Can Do Now to Enhance the Hockey Viewer's Experience

The final installment of Enhancing Your Experience posts focuses on three smaller improvements that TV broadcasts can implement nearly immediately to improve the viewing experience for the hockey fan.

Enhancing the Viewer's Hockey Experience with Isolated Cameras on Players

This week's Enhance Your Experience idea focuses on the viewers of hockey: putting isolated cameras on a player during a game for the viewer to see what he does on the ice from his perspective.

Supporting Supporters to Bring the Noise Can Enhance the Experience at New Jersey Devils Games

One way the New Jersey Devils fans can enhance the in-game experience for the fan is to encourage or cultivate a group of a supporters. Chants from the fans generate more and louder noise than anything from the PA system.