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Devils Tickets

A section related to ticket deals from TiqIQ and other deals.

What’s Inside the New Jersey Devils Season Ticket Holder Box for 2022-23

New Jersey Devils season ticket holders, such as myself, have received (or will receive soon) a box from the team. This post goes over what’s in the box and new information regarding membership, food, and bags.

New Jersey Devils Announce 2021-22 Single Game Ticket Sales Date & Partially Releases Promotional Schedule

On Friday afternoon, the New Jersey Devils announced that single game tickets will go on sale on August 24 at 1 PM. The announcement also included a partial promotional schedule and other bits worthy of further thoughts.

Embracing the Spoiler Role: A Pre-Preview of New Jersey Devils vs. Carolina Hurricanes

This fourth and final pre-preview of a New Jersey Devils game this season is a look ahead to Thursday’s game with the Carolina Hurricanes. This one focuses on how the Devils can absolutely spoil a pressured Hurricanes team.

A Model Opponent: A Pre-Preview of New Jersey Devils vs. St. Louis Blues

On Friday, the New Jersey Devils will return home to host the St. Louis Blues. This pre-preview post of the game provides reasons to want to go to the game, an explanation of how the Blues may be a model for the Devils to follow as the rebuild again, and offers an affiliate link to Stubhub for fans to buy tickets for this Friday’s game.

Two Reasons to Care: A Pre-Preview of New Jersey Devils vs. San Jose Sharks

On Thursday, the New Jersey Devils will host the San Jose Sharks. This pre-preview post, providing two reasons for fans to care and attend this game as well as offering an affiliate link to Stubhub for fans to buy tickets for this game.

The Return of John Hynes: A Pre-Preview of New Jersey Devils vs. Nashville Predators

John Hynes is returning to the Rock on Thursday as the head coach of the Nashville Predators. This post pre-previews the game, explaining what each team stands to gain in this one and offering an affiliate link to Stubhub for fans to buy tickets to the game.

What is in the 2019-20 New Jersey Devils Season Ticket Holder Box

Preseason is imminent for the 2019-20 New Jersey Devils. As a result, Devils season ticket holders have started to receive their boxes for the upcoming season. This post has pictures of what is in the box, including a scarf.

What’s In the 2018-19 New Jersey Devils Box for Season Ticket Holders

Season ticket holders of the New Jersey Devils have begun to receive their boxes for the 2018-19 season. This post is filled with pictures of the outside and the goods inside of the box.

Pictures of the 2017 New Jersey Devils Not-Season Ticket and Box

Earlier today, I received what I thought was my 2017-18 season ticket from the New Jersey Devils. This post includes pictures of the package it came in and reveals that this year’s ticket is a disappointment. Post has been updated with the news that this is NOT the season ticket.

Commentary on the Devils Removal of the Pick ‘em Plan

The Devils have removed the option to select a small, personalized set of games from their ticket plans. In this article I comment on that news.

Talking Red #181: Making Sense of it All

Last Monday, the New Jersey Devils made a massive change within their franchise. David Sarch discusses all of that with Chris Wassel on this episode of Talking Red. He also interviews Steve Kournianos about what the Devils may do at the draft.

Featured Fanshot

TiqIQ Deal for 1/19 Game: Devils at Islanders

The fine people at TiqIQ want to let me pass on their deal for the Devils' opening game of the 2013 season. The link is above, they also sent this message: "KOVALGATE is over, Zajac's here to stay, & Salvador's Captain. Invade Nassau from $49 this SAT vs NYI." Well, get to it.

Devils Tickets: Sales Info & TiqIQ Deal for 1/22

Some important news regarding season ticket holders and single game sales for the New Jersey Devils have come out today. In addition to bringing that up, TiqIQ has their first deal for the Devils' home opener on 1/22, which is also detailed this post.

TiqIQ Update: New Jersey Devils Tickets for Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals

With the New Jersey Devils guaranteed to have a Game 5 on Saturday, I pass along information from TiqIQ about the current prices on the secondary ticket market. I also included a brief thought about Travis Zajac.

Looking for Devils Tickets? Check Out TiqIQ and Their TiqIQ Connect App