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Devils Issues, Views & Analysis

Can the Devils get a 10 Goal Scorer on the PP?

Last season, the Devils did not have a 10 goal scorer on the power play. Can that happen this season? Who would be the most likely candidate?

Fabian Zetterlund Re-Signs with the New Jersey Devils for 1 Season, $750,000

The last RFA for the New Jersey Devils to sign this season has been signed. The Devils announced that winger Fabian Zetterlund has been re-signed for a one-season two-way contract. This post goes over the details and what Zetterlund’s situation going into this year’s camp.

Fitzgerald’s Big Gamble

While the Devils managed to improve at every position this offseason, the goaltending position is still a big question mark. If the tandem of Vanecek and Blackwood fail to provide better support than last season, we could be looking at major front office changes.

The Devils’ Depth at Wing Hinges on Bouncebacks and Breakouts

The Devils did some minor shuffling of their forward group and added Ondrej Palat this offseason, but they will still be in a position to rely on players who disappointed in 2021-22 to step up and provide depth this coming season.

Is Nico Barely a Top 100 Skater? Really?

One really good follow on hockey Twitter is JFresh. He recently surveyed fans to see who the best skaters in the NHL were. As might not surprise you, Nico was definitely slighted with his ranking.

Another Arbitration Avoided: New Jersey Devils Re-Sign Miles Wood to 1 Season, $3.2 Million

The New Jersey Devils avoided their last remaining arbitration hearing by signing Miles Wood to a one season contract worth $3.2 million. It is very much a prove-your-worth deal. This post is a reaction to the news.

No Arbitration Hearing After All: New Jersey Devils Re-Sign Jesper Bratt for 1 Season at $5.45 Million

The New Jersey Devils and Jesper Bratt were supposed to have an arbitration hearing this morning. However, that did not happen as the team announced they signed Bratt to a one season contract. This post is a quick reaction to the news.

If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late: Jesper Bratt & New Jersey Devils are Now in an Arbitration Hearing

If you are reading this post, then it means the New Jersey Devils and Jesper Bratt did not come to terms with a contract and their scheduled arbitration hearing is happening. This post goes over what is involved in the hearing and what could happen next.

New Jersey Devils Re-Sign Tyce Thompson for 2 Seasons, $1.525 Million

The New Jersey Devils will avoid one of their two player-filed arbitration hearings. The team announced that Tyce Thompson signed a two-season contract at the NHL minimum. This post is a quick reaction to the news for a player yet to have a full season in pro hockey.

Time to Vote for the 2022 All About the Jersey Top 25 New Jersey Devils Under 25 List

It’s time for the eleventh annual All About the Jersey Top 25 Under 25 list. This year’s list features 49 players under the age of 25 in the organization. Keep reading to see who is available and how to vote in your rankings to contribute to the final list.

It’s Difficult to Trust That Things Will Be Different

The Devils have had a fairly solid offseason so far, upgrading various positions across the roster and positioning themselves to perhaps finally make good on some of that promise we’re always hearing about. It’s hard to shake the now-perpetual feeling that an inevitable faceplant is on the way once the games begin, though.

A Look at NHL Playoff Droughts Part 1: New Jersey Devils, Anaheim to Buffalo

How long must a team suffer? How long has a team suffered? This is the first of several posts looking into the playoff droughts of 30 of the 32 active NHL franchises to figure out what went wrong. This post covers the New Jersey Devils, Anaheim, Arizona, Boston, and Buffalo.

McLeod and Bastian Have a Fairly Unique Role

Forwards on teams can take on many different roles. However, oftentimes those can blend together, so stats end up looking similar among many different players. For McLeod and Bastian, however, they have a pretty unique situation on this team.

New Jersey Devils Hire Ryan McGill as an Assistant Coach

Today, the New Jersey Devils addressed one of their offseason needs by hiring former Las Vegas assistant coach Ryan McGill. This post goes over his experience and how the Golden Knights did defensively to get a sense of how good he may be for New Jersey.

Devils Doing Damage: Opposition Splits by Notable New Jersey Devils

As an opposite to the Devils Killers post, this post looks at whom the New Jersey Devils have done well against from 2015-16 to 2021-22. Opposition splits by notable Devils are provided to see who they have done damage to the most.

Jonas Siegenthaler Signed 5-Season, $17 Million Contract Extension with New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils announced that defenseman Jonas Siegenthaler has signed a five-season extension worth just $17 million. This post is a reaction to a fantastic, team-friendly contract extension for a defensively-adept player.

Devil Killers: The Players that Scored the Most Against the New Jersey Devils Since 2015

Oliver Bjorkstrand was seemingly the face of a Columbus Blue Jackets team that has given the New Jersey Devils fits for years. In honor of him going to Seattle, this post looks at who has done the most damage against Our Favorite Team since 2015.

The 2021-22 Devils and Luck

Come check out the yearly dive into analyzing luck! Were the Devils lucky at all last year, outside of a lottery win? Or was their bad play augmented by some horrific luck as well?

New Jersey Devils Re-Sign Jesper Boqvist to One Season, Two-Way Contract

The New Jersey Devils announced this afternoon that Jesper Boqvist accepted his qualifying offer. This means he is re-signed to a one season, two-way contract. This post goes over Boqvist’s season in general and what the deal means.

Can a NHL Team Actually Improve by At Least 30 Points Over a Season?

The 2021-22 New Jersey Devils missed the playoffs by 37 points last season. Has any NHL team actually improved by at least 30 points in the following season? This post provides an answer with the biggest turnaround in Devils history, an even bigger one by a divisional opponent, and what can we learn from both.

The Devils Don’t ‘Need’ to Make Another Move at Forward

If you are anything like me, you are still a little bummed about the Devils missing out on Gaudreau last week. But it’s good to remember that even without him, the Devils forward group has a lot of talent and potential. But whether Fitzgerald has/should have the patience to wait for it to fully realize its potential is a very different question.

New Jersey Devils Sign Vitek Vanecek to a Three Season, $10.2 Million Contract

This morning, the New Jersey Devils signed the acquired goaltender Vitek Vanecek to a three season contract worth $10.2 million. This post reacts to the signing by noting how good Vanecek was in 5-on-5 last season and how this contract is good for Tom Fitzgerald and the Devils.

One Player Couldn’t Save the Devils Anyway

Much of the focus heading into free agency was on Johnny Gaudreau and the Devils’ pursuit of him but, even after missing out on the big prize, it’s important to keep in mind that the team had many problems to fix beyond a weapon on the wing and, to their credit, they have been working their way through that list.

2022 Offseason Metropolitan Division Snapshot

The New Jersey Devils improved themselves so far in this year’s offseason. What about the rest of the Metropolitan Division? This offseason version of the division snapshot looks at the other seven teams, what they have done up through July 16, and whether they seem like a better team.

New Jersey Devils Trade Ty Smith & 2023 Pick to Pittsburgh for John Marino

The New Jersey Devils announced this afternoon that they traded defenseman Ty Smith and their 2023 third round pick to the Pittsburgh Penguins for defenseman John Marino. This post goes into the details of what the Devils gave up, how good Marino is, and why this is a good trade.

Do The Devils Have an Image Problem?

Diving into the Details of Ondrej Palat’s Contract with the New Jersey Devils

While the New Jersey Devils signed Ondrej Palat to a five-season contract worth $30 million, the details about the contract did not come out until Friday. Thanks to CapFriendly, this post goes into the salary structure and trade clauses Palat’s new contract now has.

Fitzgerald’s Plan B: New Jersey Devils Signed Ondrej Palat for Five Seasons, $30 Million

After midnight, the New Jersey Devils signed Ondrej Palat to a five-season contract worth $30 million. Palat works hard, complements offensive talent, and can fit in well on the Devils. But is he worth this much for this long? Possibly not. This post reacts and wrestles with this deal.

Day 1 of Free Agency Reviewed: New Jersey Devils Made Some Good Moves Marred by a Massive Opportunity Cost Loss

The New Jersey Devils had a mostly low key first day of Free Agency Frenzy today. They did some good work to trade Pavel Zacha and sign Andrew Brunette and Brendan Smith. The problem is that Tom Fitzgerald focused most of his efforts to get Johnny Gaudreau - and he did not get him. This post is a lament over the massive opportunity cost lost today.

New Jersey Devils Sign Defenseman Brendan Smith for 2 Years, $2.2 Million

Frank Seravalli broke the first free agent signing for the New Jersey Devils today: Defenseman Brendan Smith. He is a veteran, he is a defensive player, he plays in a depth role. This post goes into how this signing checks the boxes for the Devils’ need on the blueline.

Andrew Brunette to Join New Jersey Devils Coaching Staff

Kevin Weekes dropped some news backstage at a TV studio. The New Jersey Devils signed coach Andrew Brunette to a three year deal. This post goes over the news and why it is likely a very good thing.

The 2022 Free Agency Frenzy Open Post for the New Jersey Devils

Today is going to be an expensive day as unrestricted free agency in the NHL begins at noon. This is the annual open post for New Jersey Devils fans to discuss the Free Agency Frenzy. The New Jersey Devils have close to $27 million in cap space. They can spend. What will they and others spend on today? React to it all here.