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Devils Issues, Views & Analysis

New Jersey Devils Needlessly Acquired Kurtis MacDermid from Colorado

Earlier today, the New Jersey Devils traded a seventh round pick and Zakhar Bardakov to the Colorado Avalanche for supposed tough guy and hockey player Kurtis MacDermid. Think Mason Geertsen and you’re close. Subsequently, I criticize this move in this post.

The February 2024 Month in Review of the New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils went 6-5-1 in February, finding ways to follow up big wins and successes with disappointing moments and enraging losses. They remain behind in the playoff race and weirdly steadfast going into March. This is a summary of what happened in February 2024 with the New Jersey Devils.

New Jersey Devils Helped Calgary Flames Trade Chris Tanev to Dallas Stars

The New Jersey Devils got involved in the Chris Tanev trade from Calgary Flames to Dallas Stars by taking 50% of Tanev’s 50% retained salary and sending out Cole Brady. They received Dallas’ fourth round pick in 2026 for their efforts. This post is a quick reaction to this favor done by the Devils.

A Jersey Ad is Another Slap in the Face From Management That Has Taken Too Long to Salvage a Season (And Why Sergei Brylin is the Only Choice to Replace Ruff)

It has been a bad week for the Devils, and it may be too late to salvage the season. It’s going to take a miracle, or management has to own up to mistakes.

Guys Who Need to Step Up Starting Today

This afternoon marks the start of the most important stretch of games for the Devils this season. If they want to win them all and get back on track, guys will need to step up. Let’s see some good options.

Ideas to Help Adjust a Struggling New Jersey Devils Power Play

The New Jersey Devils have scored five power play goals in 59 opportunities since the start of 2024. They have been losing games they should be winning because this inability to punish the other team’s fouls. This post has some ideas on how they can adjust their current 1-3-1 power play.

The Win at MetLife Must Breathe Fire Into the Devils

After capping off a tough week with a win in front of 70,000 people, the Devils are within striking distance of a playoff spot with nine more games before the Trade Deadline.

A Look Back At the Last Outdoor NJ Game

Ten years ago, the Devils played the Rangers in their first Stadium Series game. Let’s take a look back before getting to watch the next one tonight.

Chasing League Average Goaltending: Goalie Stats Compared with the New Jersey Devils & Others

League average goaltending. The desire, hope, wish, and prayer of many of the People Who Matter. This post looks at three stats associated with NHL average goaltending to sees how the New Jersey Devils goaltenders and other notable and rumored goalies in trades stack up in each.

The Devils Need More Players Who Can Handle the Pressure, But They Can’t Give Up On Young Players

For many in the organization, these last 30 or so games are a turning point for their time here. Aside from the core, there is a lot of scrutiny being placed on the supporting cast.

Jack Hughes Alone Cannot Save This Team

Jack Hughes returned on Thursday night, but it was not enough to propel this team to victory against Calgary. In reality, while he is a huge help, he might not be enough to save this season.

Vitek Vanecek Has Been Worse Than You May Think

Vitek Vanecek has been really bad this season. And if you compare his season-over-season save percentage with other goalies who played for the New Jersey Devils since, then you may realize he has been worse than you may think.

The Ridiculous Idea of Selling and Why the Devils Would Be Foolish to Do It

People are already acting like playoff spots are being set in stone, and there are a lot of pretenders out there.

Will NJ Be Buyers or Sellers this Month?

The trade deadline is a little over a month away, but NJ’s fate as buyers or sellers is still very much up in the air. What will Tom Fitzgerald do?

Hughes Present & Bratt Plays: The 2024 NHL All-Star Weekend Open Post

The 2024 NHL All-Star Weekend begins tonight. The players will be drafted tonight, the All-Stars Skills Competition is on Friday, and the All-Star Games will be on Saturday. Jack Hughes will be there, Jesper Bratt will play, and this is where fans can discuss the events as they happen here.

The January 2024 Month in Review of the New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils kicked off a new year by going 5-6-1 in January, losing ground in the race for a playoff spot, suffering from injuries and other losses, and with coaching and management changing little beyond the nameplates. This is a summary of what happened in January 2024 to the New Jersey Devils.

Jack Hughes Inactive for the 2024 NHL All-Star Weekend; Jesper Bratt is His Game Replacement

Jack Hughes will not be participating in the NHL All-Star Games or Skills Competition. However, he will be present for the event. The NHL announced that Jesper Bratt of the New Jersey Devils will replace Hughes in the games. Congratulations to Bratt for his accomplishment.

The Devils Failed to Win Enough Games With Jack Hughes Out of the Lineup

While Jack may not be slated to return right when the Devils come back from the All-Star Break, they have already lost too many games in regulation with him out of the lineup.

The Devils Will Enter This Break on Life Support

Tonight’s game, and the first few games out of the break, are going to be absolutely vital for the Devils. They are on life support, and need to play like it.

Ranking the Trade Value of the 2023-24 New Jersey Devils Players

Dougie Hamilton is now on LTIR, Tom Fitzgerald got a new contract extension, and the New Jersey Devils are off next week. The NHL Trade Deadline is approaching on March 8. Trades are absolutely in mind. This post ranks 25 Devils players based on perceived trade value to identify who may get a big return and who may not.

New Jersey Devils Secure GM Tom Fitzgerald with a Multi-Year Extension

General Manager Tom Fitzgerald has been extended by the New Jersey Devils for more than one year along with getting a promotion in his title. This post is a reaction to the news and explains why this may lead to some changes for the 2023-24 Devils.

The Devils Should Be Leaning on Colin Miller to Stabilize the Defense

The Devils do very well during Colin Miller’s ice time. So why does he not see the ice more?

Staying Afloat is Not Working, and is Running Out as an Option

With Jack Hughes injured, the Devils really needed to, at worst, stay afloat and tread water until he got back. But the first five games during this absence have not even been that good, and it’s a problem.

Lindy Ruff Doesn’t Watch Alexander Holtz Very Well

Alexander Holtz is seemingly blossoming with the New Jersey Devils with 11 goals and 21 points. Head coach Lindy Ruff continues to keep Holtz as a bottom six player and told a beat reporter that he does not watch the game very well when asked about Holtz’s usage. This post argues that Holtz has done well and Ruff won’t agree to that at the risk of being wrong about the player.

Slumps and Resurgences in the Second Quarter of the Season

As can be expected with this tumultuous season, players have had their ups and downs. Today we take a look at 5 players - how did they start, and what has gone better or worse since?

Positive Spin Saturday

With injuries and terrible goaltending plaguing the Devils, it is easy to feel negative right now, but there are some positives to talk about, so let’s do that today!

An Early Look at the 2024 New Jersey Devils Free Agents

The halfway mark of the 2023-24 season is imminent for the New Jersey Devils. With the trade deadline in less than two months, teams are looking at their rosters to determine what they need - including their offseason plans. This post looks at the many pending free agents of the Devils.

The Underutilization and Misusage of Nico Hischier

While Jack Hughes has been incredibly productive in all situations, and Michael McLeod has taken a huge step this season, it should not come at the expense of Nico Hischier’s ice time.

Is It Too Soon To Say NJ Hit on Both Top Defensive Picks?

The Devils used two very early picks on defensemen in 2021 and 2022. Now, both are in NJ and are playing really well. Is it safe to say they are both hits already?

Is Dawson Mercer Better as a Winger or a Center?

Dawson Mercer had a great game in a big win over Washington on Wednesday. He lined up at wing, a contrast to when he was centering a line earlier this season. This post looks at data to answer the question: Is Mercer better as a winger or center?

The December 2023 Month in Review of the New Jersey Devils

It was a good December for the New Jersey Devils, who went 8-5-1 in the month. However, the month ends with the Devils in the same spot in the standings, still having the same goaltender issues, and still having some real bad losses. Read on for a summary of what happened in December and who is the Devil of the Month among further analysis.

Michael McLeod Making the Most of his Bridge Deal

McLeod has been playing some strong hockey lately, and he has shown that he can play in a top 9 role right now. If that continues, it will be a real boon for this Devils team both now and in the future.