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Devils Issues, Views & Analysis

Stop Trying to Make Top-9 Forward Miles Wood Happen

Miles Wood is now one of the longest tenured Devils. But while Lindy Ruff may have a high opinion of the player, Wood’s game is still best suited for the 4th line.

The Devils Need to Shed Their Reputation for Disappointment This Season

The Devils have been subverting expectations (in a bad way) for long enough that even the previews that have them outside the bottom ten have trouble believing themselves. As the preseason opens tonight, the Devils will get to work on ridding themselves of the label "perennial underachiever."

What’s Inside the New Jersey Devils Season Ticket Holder Box for 2022-23

New Jersey Devils season ticket holders, such as myself, have received (or will receive soon) a box from the team. This post goes over what’s in the box and new information regarding membership, food, and bags.

A Guide for 2022 Preseason Games for the New Jersey Devils Fan

The seven-game preseason for the New Jersey Devils preseason begins tomorrow. Given that the games do not count, this guide explains how to best watch the games to get value out of them and what they mean overall.

Can We Expect Positive Regression From Tatar?

Last season, Tatar did not live up to the free agent contract that he signed over the summer. Is there hope for positive regression towards what Devils fans hoped for last year?

The Waiver Exempt New Jersey Devils Players for the 2022-23 Season

Preseason is the perfect time to be aware of which New Jersey Devils players are exempt from waivers for the upcoming season. This post goes into who they are, how much time and games are left on their exemption, and who has the pressure to perform in camp because of it.

The 56 Players at the 2022 New Jersey Devils Training Camp

This morning, the New Jersey Devils announced their 56-player roster for their 2022 training camp. This post goes over who is in, who is expected to make the New Jersey Devils, who cannot, and everyone else.

Lindy Ruff Needs a Good Start to keep his Job

Lindy Ruff has yet to come close to a successful season as head coach of the Devils, but factors outside of his control have allowed him one more shot at leading the Devils back to mediocrity.

“The End of This Chapter is Closing;” P.K. Subban Retires

This morning, P.K. Subban announced his retirement from the NHL. The former New Jersey Devil, Nashville Predator, and Montreal Canadien hangs it up after 13 seasons, a Norris, a Clancy, and plenty of moments in a potential Hall of Fame career.

The 2022 AATJ Top 25 Devils Under 25: The Top Five

It is finally time to release the Top 5 of the 2022 AATJ Top 25 Devils Under 25. This group includes four forwards and a defenseman. The four forwards are already key contributors for the New Jersey Devils while the defenseman is perhaps just a season away from contributing.

Alexander Holtz Represents a Potential X Factor for the Devils This Season

The Devils couldn’t land the splashy FA winger this offseason, so they will look to improve the 2022-23 offense by committee. If Alexander Holtz can make the leap to the NHL and perform, that could go a long way toward getting the Devils to where they need to be.

The Illusion of Projected Cap Space and the 2022-23 New Jersey Devils

On the surface, it looks like the New Jersey Devils will have a lot of cap space for the 2023 offseason with a projected $36.5 million. This post will explain why the Devils actually will not have that much space to work with by next Summer.

Devils Defense Did Not Focus on Hits

The Devils defense certainly had its bright spots last year, but one area that the entire blue line really did not focus on was hits, where they were one of the least hitting groups in the league.

Notable Prospects the Devils are Playing Against at the 2022 Prospects Challenge

The New Jersey Devils will play 3 games at the 2022 Prospects Challenge, starting with Montreal tonight. This post goes over the main names and some not-so-well-known names of the Devils’ opponents for this year’s tourney.

Thomas Hickey & Zach Senyshyn to Try Out for the New Jersey Devils in 2022 Training Camp

Former New York Islanders defenseman Thomas Hickey and former Boston Bruin draft pick Zach Senyshyn will join the New Jersey Devils training camp this year on PTO deals. This post goes over both players and what’s at stake for both.

New Jersey Devils Announce 28-Man Rookie Camp & Prospect Challenge Roster

Rookies have reported in for the New Jersey Devils this year. With the 2022 Prospect Challenge starting on Friday, the Devils announced a 28-man roster with 4 goalies, 9 defensemen, and 15 forwards. Learn who is among them and who may be unfamiliar to you in this post.

Another Look At Siegenthaler’s Breakout Season

While Jack Hughes and Jesper Bratt made headlines for their individual performances last season, and deservedly so, Jonas Siegenthaler arguably put up a performance just as impressive as the two burgeoning offensive stars. Today we look back at his 2021-22 season and ask the question: can he do it again?

The 2022 AATJ Top 25 Devils Under 25: The Reveal of 10th to 6th

It’s time to reveal the first set of players in our top 10 for the 2022 AATJ Top 25 Under 25 ranking. This group consists of four forwards and a defenseman. All of the forwards have varying levels of experience with New Jersey while the defenseman is a top prospect from this year’s draft class.

Establishing Depth is a Goal for the 2022 New Jersey Devils Rookie Camp

Rookie camp will begin for the New Jersey Devils this Tuesday and the Prospect Challenge games will start on Friday. Why is there a rookie camp? This post points out why: to help establish depth beyond the 23-man roster.

Devils Centers Thrive on Takeaways

The group of centers for the Devils are exceptional, especially between Hughes, Hischier, and Mercer. One thing they are all good at, even McLeod, is takeaways, and this could be a big help this season.

What Does it Take to Score 50 Goals in a Season?

There have been 200 instances in NHL history of someone scoring at least 50 goals in a season. None have ever been with the New Jersey Devils. This post goes into why it matters, what it could take to reach that mark, how close Brian Gionta was, and whether anyone in the current organization could do it one day.

New Jersey Devils to Play 7 Games on ESPN & 2 on TNT in 2022-23

Both The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros.-Discovery announced their broadcast schedules for the 2022-23 NHL season. The New Jersey Devils will have 7 games exclusive to ESPN’s networks and 2 games on TNT. This post is a reaction to both releases.

Potential PTO Targets for the Devils for the 2022-23 NHL Season

If the Devils want to add a player on a PTO to their training camp roster their are still a handful of good options available. Here are a few names they should be interested in.

The 2022 AATJ Top 25 Devils Under 25: The Third 5 Revealed from 15th to 11th

The 2022 AATJ Top 25 Under 25 series continues today with the players that finished in the middle of the pack. This group includes 3 forwards, a defenseman, and a goaltender.

How a Champion was Built: Selected Salary Cap Era Teams

In response to Friday’s post about how the New Jersey Devils championship teams were built, this post looks at more recent champions to see how they were built in the current Salary Cap Era. It turns out that the champions succeeded both at the draft and in other means to get players.

Expectations for Jesper Bratt Based on Last Year’s Rankings

Should we expect more growth from Jesper Bratt? Recession? Let’s see how he did versus the league in some stats to determine what could be.

How a Champion was Built: The 1995, 2000, 2003 New Jersey Devils Teams

Drafting well is important for a team’s success. So is acquiring other players to build a team through trades, free agency, and other means. This is shown by looking back at how the 1995, 2000, and 2003 Cup champion teams were built.

How Many 20 Goal Scorers Will the Devils Have this Season?

In the 2021-22 NHL season, the Devils ended up with 4 20 goal scorers and didn’t have anyone hit the 30 goal mark? Will they see improvement in those areas this season?

The 2022 AATJ Top 25 Devils Under 25: The Second 5 Revealed from 20th to 16th

It is now time to reveal the next group of players on our Top 25 Under 25 list. This group of 5 players consists of 2 forwards and 3 defensemen. One of these players is a regular at the NHL level while the other players have some NHL experience but have mostly spent time with Utica in the AHL.

The Devils will Look to Dawson Mercer to be a Versatile and Effective Forward in 2022-23

Dawson Mercer had a solid rookie season in 2021-22 that was at times scintillating and at other times a bit rocky. The Devils will need him to grow in his second year and become a consistent and versatile role player for the team.

Yegor Sharangovich and His Upcoming Crucial Season

After Jesper Bratt and MacKenzie Blackwood, Yegor Sharangovich is the third most important pending RFA for the New Jersey Devils after 2022-23. This post goes over what he has done and the questions ahead of a crucial season for him.

The Devils Will Need to Be Better At Back-to-Backs

Last season, the Devils were particularly atrocious in games that took place during a back-to-back. They will need to be better this year if they want to go anywhere.