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Devils Issues, Views & Analysis

NHL Announces Re-scheduled Games; 8 New Dates for New Jersey Devils Games

Earlier this afternoon, the National Hockey League announced the re-scheduling of 98 regular season games, including 8 games for the New Jersey Devils. This post reacts to the 8 new dates for the Devils.

A Very Early Look at the 2022 New Jersey Devils Pending Free Agents

As the New Jersey Devils are close to the second half of their season and trade deadline is a little over two months away, this post takes an early look at the pending free agents on the team from Jesper Bratt to Brian Flynn.

Moving Forward, It’s Clear: It’s Not the Offense

For the most part of this "rebuild," the offense has been the main area that has been in need of an upgrade. Scoring has been a huge issue. This year, as we hit mid-season, preventing goals against is now the biggest issue.

What Exactly is the Goal for the Rest of This Season?

The Devils are just about fully cooked in the playoff race. What should they be looking to pull from the wreckage in the second half of the season?

The Devils Miss Miles Wood

Miles Wood has had an up-and-down career with the Devils. But after a

Damon Severson’s Season is Typical with One Glorious Shorthanded Exception

New Jersey Devils defenseman Damon Severson has seen a recent upgrade in his role due to Dougie Hamilton’s injury. How is his season going? It’s been typical with one surprising, shorthanded exception.

New Jersey Devils Game Against Tampa Bay Lightning on January 10 Postponed

The New Jersey Devils will not be playing the Tampa Bay Lightning on Monday, January 10. Due to more players being added to the COVID Protocol, this game is postponed to a future date.

Nico Might be Able to Play With Anyone, but Should He?

Nico Hischier has played with different guys each of the last couple of games, and has been dominant regardless of who he is with. But is it a good idea to stick with this tactic?

Is This Jack Hughes Here to Stay?

Jach Hughes has been on fire since the Devils returned to play after Christmas. Is this the Jack Hughes of the future or is this just lightning in a bottle?

The Devils Have a Legitimate Shutdown Pair

One of the biggest concerns for the Devils this season has been their inability to defend. While this remains a big concern, this weakness is mitigated somewhat by the play of Jonas Siegenthaler and Damon Severson, who have formed an excellent shutdown pairing capable of defending the league’s best players.

The December 2021 Month in Review of the New Jersey Devils

December 2021 was a bad month for the New Jersey Devils. Prior to Christmas, they had one win in ten games. While they won their final two games, their 3-8-1 month all but turned them into doormats for opponents. Read on at length about the month that was for the Devils.

New Year’s Resolutions for the Devils

Heading into 2022, the New Jersey Devils should adhere to these resolutions, things that have gone well over the last two games, if they want to turn things around.

Devils Center Depth Is a Potential Bright Spot for the Organization Moving Forward

The Devils season is likely over, but while last week I focused on moves I want the organization to make to shake things up, today I focus on what I think will be a key for the Devils organization moving forward: their center depth.

Some Improvements That Are Needed After Break

Obviously, the New Jersey Devils need to make tons of changes and improvements after this break ends. Here are a few of those.

New Jersey Devils Get 5 Back from COVID Protocol; NHL Announces Temporary Roster & Taxi Squad Rules

The New Jersey Devils did practice today and announced that Nico Hischier, Ryan Graves, P.K. Subban, Jesper Boqvist, and Christian Jaros are out of the COVID protocol. However, Tomas Tatar and Jon Gilles entered it today. This post also goes over the taxi squad and new roster rules that are temporary until the NHL All Star Game in February.

The Long Layoff is a Welcome Sight for the Devils and Their Fans

Less is more right now when it comes to there being Devils games on the schedule.

The Several Holes the 2021-22 New Jersey Devils Dug Themselves Into

The 2021-22 New Jersey Devils might as well be called The Moles for the numerous holes they dug themselves into. This post goes into detail about several of them from the record to first periods to the coaching issues.

Down Late, the Devils Can’t Tilt the Ice

The Devils have been horrible at starting games. Really bad. But even when down going into the third period, they don’t push the attack like they should.

Folks, It’s Looking Pretty Grim

Oh no, we suck again.

Bad Goaltending is Exacerbating the Devils Problems.

The hot seat is warming up for the coaching staff, the power play is hot garbage, and the Devils are porous defensively. But despite these flaws, the goaltending doesn’t get an excuse, and the duo of Bernier and Blackwood has come nowhere near to meeting preseason expectations.

Fragile Mindsets and the Current New Jersey Devils

A quote from New Jersey Devils head coach Lindy Ruff about how the Devils lost to the New York Islanders revealed a potentially bad sign for the Devils: a fragile mindset, looking to blame a bad break for a loss than the process. This goes into the quote and reacts a lot to it.

Fun Stat Saturday

On this Saturday, come check out a few fun stats and what they could possibly mean for our New Jersey Devils!

Jesper Bratt is Making a Statement

Jesper Bratt has long lurked on the periphery of conversations on the most important forwards for the New Jersey Devils. Thus far in 2021-22, he’s found another gear and is looking like perhaps the best one of all.

The Devils Coaching Staff Deserves Most of the Blame For the Team’s Recent Struggles

The team’s recent losing streak has elucidated some of the team’s flaws. Many of these issues stem from poor coaching and decision making, but is it time for a change?

The November 2021 Month in Review of the New Jersey Devils

In November, the New Jersey Devils played 13 games and went 5-5-3 in them. Their performances were not as good as last month in 5-on-5. Their penalty kill improved a lot while the power play still sucked. Read through what happened in the games, with their roster, and the overall stats in this post reviewing the Devils’ play in November.

Michael McLeod Has a Fairly Unique Role

Michael McLeod is utilized as a defense-heavy bottom 6 forward. Those are not unique in the NHL, but how he is utilized and the lack of consistent support he gets kind of is, at least this season.

The Devils Need to End the ‘Hughes as a Winger’ Experiment Now

As Jack Hughes returned to the lineup this week, the coaching staff elected to insert him back into the lineup as a winger, whether due to injury concerns or some other thinking. After two very bad games from a line featuring their two top centers, it is time to abandon that plan, ideally permanently.

The Devils... Aren’t Bad? So Now What?

The Devils are about a quarter through the season, where do that stack up. Also, how close are they to competing for a cup and what pieces do they need to get there?

New Jersey Devils Sign Jack Hughes to 8 Season, $64 Million Extension

It was not big enough for Jack Hughes to return to the New Jersey Devils lineup tonight. The Devils and Hughes agreed to an 8 season, $64 million contract extension. The Big Deal got a Really, Really Big Deal. This post quickly reacts to the news.

More than Dougie Hamilton Bombing Shots: How the Devils Attack in 5-on-5

Dougie Hamilton shoots a lot of pucks for the New Jersey Devils. So do the rest of the Devils defensemen. This post goes into why that is by providing a general summary of how the Devils attack in 5-on-5 situations - and how they still create as many scoring chances as they do.

Early Season Goaltending Update

Over 20% into the season now, how has the goaltending been? Have they been a net positive for a team that has had some high highs and low lows? Or have they been a part of that problem?

Dougie Hamilton has been As Advertised for the Devils

Dougie Hamilton was billed as a top tier defensemen and a major difference-maker before his arrival in New Jersey. So far, that is exactly what he’s looked like.