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Devils Issues, Views & Analysis

Putting One or Even Two Rookies on the New Jersey Devils Blueline May Not Be a Big Risk

Luke Hughes and Simon Nemec are young, inexperienced defensemen and both of them could make the New Jersey Devils. Plus, Kevin Bahl also has less than 100 NHL games played and he could be a regular. Is this a big deal? This post goes in length as to why it may not be.

The 2023 Training Camp Roster of the New Jersey Devils

Training camp has begun in earnest for the 32 NHL teams. As such, the New Jersey Devils announced a 57-man roster for their training camp. Between contract statuses and one PTO, 43 of them are eligible right now. Among them, up to 23 will be named. The competition for spots starts now.

The 2023 AATJ Top 25 New Jersey Devils Under 25: The Top Five

This week, we reveal the Top 5 of this year’s Top 25 New Jersey Devils Under 25 list. You know who the first two are; third place ended up being a tight race to call. Find out who ranked the highest between the writers and the readers.

The Devils Ring of Honor Returns & Other 2023-24 New Jersey Devils Theme Nights Announced

Ahead of the 2023-24 regular season, the New Jersey Devils announced their Theme Night schedule for the regular season. It features the return of the Ring of Honor among other returning dates.

Comparing Eastern Conference Top Six Center Duos

The Devils are built primarily down the middle and on the backend. Where do Hischier and Hughes rank among top six centers in the east?

The Waiver Exempt New Jersey Devils Players for the 2023-24 Season

As veterans are about to report to training camp and preseason beginning in just over a week, this is an annual look at the waiver exempt New Jersey Devils players for 2023-24. This covers what has to happen before a player has to go through waivers and what it means for the team.

The Impending Monster Season from Timo Meier

Timo Meier is in a position to have a great 2023-24 season. This post will show that Timo Meier was fantastic at generating offense in 5-on-5 even if it did not always lead to points. Should he maintain that, the points may flow like water next season.

New Jersey Devils Reveals 24-Man Roster for 2023 Prospect Challenge

Ahead of the 2023 Prospects Challenge, which begins Friday, the New Jersey Devils announced a 24-man roster for this year’s tourney. From Luke Hughes to Jace Isley, this post covers who is going and where each stand.

Keith Kinkaid Returns; New Jersey Devils Signed Kinkaid to a Two-Way, One Season Deal

Ahead of training camp opening for veterans, the New Jersey Devils signed a veteran goaltender. Keith Kinkaid returns to the organization for a two-way contract. This post covers his history as a whole and where he stands.

Not Trading for Hellebuyck is the Right Move For Now

With the Devils sporting a cost-friendly duo in goal, they have the flexibility to have the best skaters group in the NHL while developing Akira Schmid.

How Likely Do You Think That Will Happen Again?

The 2022-23 season was an incredible one for the New Jersey Devils. Literally. Ahead of the 2023-24 season, this is a post to point out that it may not be repeat of what happened last season.

Expect Fewer Penalty Minutes for the New Jersey Devils in 2023-24

The New Jersey Devils were relatively disciplined last season with only 632 PIM as a team. With players like Miles Wood gone and Brendan Smith expected to take a reduced role, can they take fewer penalties? This post explains yes - but there are still some players with penalty-concerns.

Will Dawson Mercer Reach the Next Level?

While Dawson Mercer has looked like he belongs with the Devils’ top six, he is not an elite forward yet. Today, we look at where Mercer has room to improve in his third season.

The New Jersey Devils & MSG Network 2004 Deal Enters Final Season in 2023-24

In 2004, the New Jersey Devils signed a 20-year contract with MSG Networks to have them televise their games. This upcoming season is the last season under that deal. This post goes over what could happen, what has been happening with RSNs, and more.

New Jersey Devils to Play 16 Games with National Coverage in 2023-24

Earlier today, ESPN and Warner Brothers-Discovery announced their broadcast schedules for the 2023-24 season. The New Jersey Devils will have 16 games getting national coverage; 13 exclusive to these networks, 8 for ESPN, and 8 for TNT. This post reacts to the schedule.

The Long Road Back

Your humble blogger takes a look back at a long, very-frequently-maddening ten-year stretch of Devils hockey that he wrote a whole lot of words about.

New Jersey Devils Preseason Success Doesn’t Mean Regular Season Success - As You Know

You probably know this, but preseason success does not necessarily mean regular season success. This has been known by design. This post shows how it is true by comparing preseason records of the New Jersey Devils and their AHL team’s regular season records since 2010.

The 2023 AATJ Top 25 Devils Under 25: The 17 Outsiders from #42 to #26

As the offseason begins to close, it is time to reveal the the results of the 2023 All About the Jersey Top 25 New Jersey Devils players Under 25 list as decided by the writers and the community. The reveal begins with the Outsiders, the 17 players who did not make the Top 25.

Ten Years of Josh Harris & David Blitzer, Owners of the New Jersey Devils

Just over ten years ago, Josh Harris and David Blitzer bought the New Jersey Devils. This post goes over how their ownership has been for the Devils, what else Harris and Blitzer have owned since buying the Devils in 2013, and thoughts about whether it has been good.

Looking at the Bottom Six Options That Could Help Power the Devils

If one or more of the Devils’ prospects make the jump to the NHL, the team has the framework to have a very threatening bottom six.

How Many Actually Have Made it to the NHL from the Top 25 Devils Under 25 Lists

All About the Jersey has been putting together Top 25 New Jersey Devils Under 25 lists since 2012. 153 different players have been ranked over the years. This post goes into how many of them have made it, given a definition of what making it means.

New Jersey Devils’ 2023 Training Camp Battles at Forward

While training camp is over a month away, one can identify the pending battles for roster sports on the New Jersey Devils to start the 2023-24 season. This post goes over the battles at forward and speculates as to who makes it and where.

New Jersey Devils’ 2023 Training Camp Battles for the Defense

While training camp is over a month away, one can identify the pending battles for roster spots on the New Jersey Devils to start the 2023-24 season. This post goes over the battles on defense and speculates as to who makes it and where.

The Draft Rights & Contracts of New Jersey Devils Young Players as of the 2023 Offseason

When a team drafts a player, they draft their rights. However, those rights are mostly limited as the team eventually has to sign them or not. With the Top 25 Devils Under 25 poll ongoing, this post goes through the young players who are signed by the New Jersey Devils, who has rights that will expire, and who has rights that will not.

Getting Goalied Revisited: The Threshold, the 2023 Playoffs, & the Devils Since March 17

This post revisits the familiar yet frustrating concept in hockey called "getting goalied." It re-visits the definition and threshold and looks at how often it happened to the New Jersey Devils in the 2023 playoffs and in the season since March 17, 2023.

The NHL Goalies Who Played for Trophies: 2008-2023

Are the goalies who make deep playoff runs the ones who had great seasons? This post looks at the final four playoff goalies as well as the top ones from 2007-08 to 2022-23 and concludes: Not necessarily. This is relevant to a New Jersey Devils team rumored to want to upgrade their goaltending position.

An Early Look at How the 2023-24 Devils Defense Might Shake Out

Sorting out the roster possibilities on defense and taking a stab at the opening night lineup for the Devils’ blue line.

Expiring New Jersey Devils Entry Level Contracts in 2024 Part 3: Akira Schmid

New Jersey Devils goaltender Akira Schmid is entering the final season of his entry level contract in 2023-24. This post explains his situation and explores what the market may look like for a RFA goaltender based on signings since July 2022.

New Jersey Devils Sign Defensive Forward Tomas Nosek for $1 Million & 1 Season

The New Jersey Devils added another depth forward: Tomas Nosek. He is a defensive left winger who can take and win faceoffs. This post goes over what he can do for the Devils for $1 million next season.

The Dog Days of Summer Hit Harder with the Newly Revitalized Devils

Three months to opening night feels like a long time with a team you can actually look forward to seeing.

The New Jersey Devils Championship Window is Currently through 2027

This post is a big-picture look at the New Jersey Devils. The current squad might as well be called the 2027 Window Crew. This post also goes into what can happen for the Devils push out their window of contention out further.

New Jersey Devils Sign Chris Tierney for a One Season Two-Way Contract at NHL Minimum

This morning, the New Jersey Devils added a depth center to their roster by signing Chris Tierney to a NHL minimum contract for a season. This post goes over his career so far and why the Devils needed a depth center.