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Devils in the Details - 2/14/2014: Mooooose is Baaaaack! Edition

New Jersey Devils & Related Hockey Links for 2/14/14

Bruce Bennett

Your links for today:

Devils Links

Hockey's worst contracts? There are a few ties to the Devils in this one, folks! [Grantland]

All-around good guy Johan Hedberg is BACK WITH THE DEVILS! What's that? It's the Albany Devils? On a PTO? Oh. OK. [PHT]

Jaromir Jagr. We love him. A look back at his storied career through his quotes: [Overtime]

Hockey Links

I won't list recaps for all the Olympic games here, just the notable ones. Today, it's the big three:

Team USA put a rout on Team Slovakia. [PHT]

Canada beat Norway, 3-1. [PHT]

Russia beat Slovenia, 5-2. [Puck Daddy]

Interesting story about how minor league teams are using the suddenly available NHL ice during the Olympic break. [NY Times]

Feel free to discuss these and any other hockey-related stories in the comments below.