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Devils in the Details - 1/10/2014: Shutout for Cory! Edition

New Jersey Devils & Related Hockey Links for 1/10/14

Wooo, Cory!
Wooo, Cory!
Bruce Bennett

Your links for today:

Devils Links

Last night the Devils took down the Stars thanks to a stellar effort from Cory Schneider.

In that game, Eric Gelinas was back in the lineup ... as a forward. [Fire and Ice]

Adam Larsson was sent to Albany to get in some games and recover some sharpness after his knee injury. [Fire and Ice] [Star-Ledger]

The big Devils-76ers announcement? A sponsorship deal with a poker website. [Star-Ledger] [NorthJersey]

Congrats to Travis!

Look who's playing hockey:

What's that? An aging player? A defenseman? A former Devil? Lou on line one.

Hockey Links

The NHL is selling out more arenas than the NBA. Interesting. [Puck Daddy]

Wade Redden is retiring. [Puck Daddy]

The Leafs are a mess right now and Jonathan Bernier gave a reporter the silent treatment. Woo.

Feel free to discuss these and any other hockey-related stories in the comments below.