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Devils in the Details 7/28/2013: Substitute Edition

This post is the Monday edition for Devils in the Details for July 28, 2013, consisting of a few Devils and hockey-related links around the Internet.

I'm not Nate, but these are some links to go through today involving the New Jersey Devils and other hockey-related links.

Devils Links

David Sarch brought up this video on this week's Talking Red. In case you missed that, it's a 19:54 long video of Jaromir Jagr training. He certainly puts in work. You'll want to turn on captions if you don't know Czech to hear Jagr explaining his various exercises. [Youtube]

This is from months ago, but Corey Sznajder wrote at Hockey Prospectus about zone exits, focusing on defensemen getting the puck out of their zone relative to how often they touch the puck. Again, while not complete, Fayne looks good in this regard. Salvador and Volchenkov really do not. [Hockey Prospectus]

For no reason at all, here's an old video of Randy McKay jamming in an overtime winner against Boston in the first round of the 1995 playoffs. The Crash Line forechecked in OT and got a bounce to win. As an aside, would you read goal breakdowns of classic Devils goals? [Youtube]

Hockey Links

Darren Dreger reported over the weekend that former Devil defenseman Mark Fraser and Toronto are far apart in negotiations. Their arbitration hearing is on Tuesday. Note: The Leafs have $6.1 million in cap space with three other RFAs to sign. [TSN]

The list of contributors for the 2013-14 Hockey Prospectus has grown to include Adam Gretz and Brian Macdonald. Disclosure: I'm also one of the contributors. [Hockey Prospectus]

From a few days ago, Tyler Dellow highlighted how Nashville responded on neutral zone faceoffs. It's a good video-based analysis and highlights an in-game tactic. [mc79hockey]

Derek Zona broke down the league origin of draft picks over the past decade. The QMJHL has risen whereas European leagues not named the SEL, KHL, or SM-Liiga have fallen. [NHL Numbers]

Speaking of Zona, he identified a few KHL targets for the Oilers to go after. The larger point is instructive; KHL players may be undervalued so it may be a good source of finding talent outside of the draft and NHL free agency. [Copper & Blue]

Toronto's not the only fanbase that questions their GM. Arby_18 argued the Jets should've kept Rick Dudley at this point. Ouch! (This is also your reminder to appreciate a competent GM.) [Arctic Ice Hockey]

As with all Devils in the Details posts, please use the comments for open Devils or hockey-related discussion. Thank you and have a good day.