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Devils in the Details - 7/17/2013: Koval-taxes Edition

New Jersey Devils & Related Hockey Links for 7/17/13

Could we see this fella at the big club more often this season?
Could we see this fella at the big club more often this season?

Your links for today:

Devils Links

Ilya Kovalchuk has signed with SKA St. Petersburg. DOES HE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO COME BACK AFTER HIS RETIREMENT?! [Fire and Ice] [Star-Ledger]

The National Taxpayers Union has an interesting comparison of the taxes Kovalchuk would pay in the United States to the taxes he would pay in Russia. The difference? Around $3.6 million in the next year alone. Well, then. [NTU]

The Devils have announced their preseason schedule: [Fire and Ice]

The Devils' prospect camp is underway. [Fire and Ice] [Star-Ledger] [NHL Video]

Jon Merrill and Eric Gelinas are looking forward to getting a shot at the NHL this season. [Fire and Ice]

Lists are fun. Backhand Shelf ranked the 30 NHL teams in terms of desirability for UFAs. The Devils were ranked at 29. What? Heh. [Backhand Shelf]

TODAY AT 4 P.M.: Head to the NHL Store in Manhattan to experience NHL ‘14 for yourself. You can play against one of the game's producers and get a chance to pick up some giveaways, including a Brodeur-signed copy of the game and a signed Brodeur jersey. [Star-Ledger]

Hockey Links

The Flyers have hired Ron Hextall as the man who will replace Paul Holmgren, I mean Assistant GM. [PHT]

Dustin Penner has signed with the Ducks: one year, $2 million. [Puck Daddy]

For the stats folks: Can goalies control the number of rebounds they allow? [NHL Numbers]

Looks like Toronto has quite literally "planned the parade." No word on whether that plan is stored behind glass with the instructions "BREAK IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" posted nearby. [Puck Daddy]

SB Nation has a longform profile of Seth Jones. Take a look: [SB Nation]

Feel free to discuss these and any other hockey-related stories in the comments below.