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Devils in the Details- 3/7/13: LeBron Cares About Hockey Edition

Links and discussion for 3/7/13

Devils Links

The Devils have claimed Tom Kostopolous off waivers [Fire and Ice][]

Lou gives the coaching staff a vote of confidence [Fire and Ice]

Martin Brodeur is taking longer to recover from injury, but the Devils insist it's not a setback [Fire and Ice]

It looks like the Devils can only play the waiting game now [Speaking of the Devils]

The Devils could be playing in a "special" NHL game [Talking Red]

Hockey Links

LeBron James, the greatest athlete in the world who isn't Tim Tebow or a New York Yankee (/espn'd) congratulates the Blackhawks on their streak, hockey is now validated [Sporting News]

Speaking of the Blackhawks- Dan Carcillo scored a huge goal for them. Yes, that guy [Puck Daddy]

Marc Staal took a puck to the face last night and luckily, he will be fine [Blue Seat Blogs][Backhand Shelf]

RIP Stompin' Tom Connors [On the Forecheck]

Enforcers were good in a point in time, when they scored goals and all [Pension Plan Puppets]

Eric T of Broad Street Hockey goes to the Sloan Sports Analytics conference to present Zone Entry Data, gets Trolled by everyone [Broad Street Hockey]