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Devils in the Details- 3/6/13: It's Six Games and We Know It

Links and Discussion for 3/6/13

Devils Links

Recaps, Get Your Recaps! [Fire and Ice][Running With the Devils][Raw Charge]

Peter DeBoer: I hope this is rock bottom. Someone tell DeBoer that it can get worse, because it clearly is getting worse []

Johan Hedberg is starting tomorrow. The sound you just heard are Devils fans screaming Expletives [Fire and Ice]

Is it time to blame Peter DeBoer for the team's struggles? [Rantsports]

Cam Janssen does Cam Janssen things, hopefully leads to a bazillion game suspension [@goldandorsmith]

The Devils suck, but Justin Bourne points out that Ilya Kovalchuk doesn't. [Backhand Shelf]

Derek Zona has the Devils taking Finnish forward Artturi Lekhonen in the first round [NHLnumbers]

Hockey Links

Your first submission for the "Burn of the Year" comes courtesy of Alex Ovechkin [Puck Drunk Love]

Your latest trade rumor- Jack Johnson to Pittsburgh. OH PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN [Pensburgh]

Patrick Kaleta is aware that people are calling him a scumbag [Backhand Shelf]

Marc Staal gets hit in the eye, people wonder why visors aren't mandatory [Backhand Shelf]

An awesome mashup of the Bruins diving set to Claude Julien's "Embarrassment to the game" speech [Eyes on the Prize]