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Devils in the Details- 3/5/13: Want to See "Devils" and "Win" Together? Edition

Links and discussion for 3/5/13

Devils Links

Recaps of last night's action [Talking Red][Fire and Ice][Running With the Devils][]

Scoring chances and the Leafs recap, in which Cam Charron calls the victory "Inexplicable" [The Leafs Nation]

Frustration is mounting with all the losses [Fire and Ice]

Is Johan Hedberg's awful play a good enough reason for Keith Kinkaid to get a start? [Rantsports]

All 7 rounds of the 2013 NHL entry draft will be hosted at the Prudential Centre. Also, sweet logo [SBNation]

Want to see the words "Devils" and "Win together? This week's A-Devs recap [Thoughts Inside The Box]

Hockey Links

Cause for celebration- the Driving Play Podcast has returned [Driving Play]

Hey guys, want to hear a joke? Someone considers Paul Holmgren one of the best GMs in the league. If we're talking about being the best at being an awful GM, he's definitely up there [Backhand Shelf]

Hahah Rick Nash [Backhand Shelf]

Patrick Kaleta gets 5 games for boarding Brad Richards, should've received 100 but wishful thinking and all [Puck Daddy]

Ilya Bryzgalov had an awesome Star Wars mask like you, then he took an angry nerd to the knee [The 700 Level]

Who is worse- Ben Eager or newly acquired Mike Brown? [Copper and Blue]

Randy Carlyle is trying to play down the hype machine on Nazem Kadri. Good luck [PHT]

The 2013 NHL draft consensus rankings [NHLNumbers]

Studying injuries and their impact in 2011 [Eyes on the Prize]