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Devils in the Details: 2/5/13: Has Phil Kessel Scored Edition

Links and discussion for 2/5/13

Devils Links

Peter DeBoer is looking at the now after the Devils beat the Rangers in the playoffs last year [Fire and Ice]

Apparently, there are benefits to Stefan Matteau staying with the Devils [Fire and Ice]

Hockey Links

There was a trade yesterday [Puck Daddy]

The respective viewpoints on the trade [Blue Seat Blogs][First Round Bust]

Speaking of the Wild, Schaudenfreude! [Star Tribune]

The Ottawa Senators deserve your respect [Driving Play]

A guy in a horse mask appeared at the Oilers game yesterday. Or alternatively, it could be Sarah Jessica Parker [Puck Daddy]

Roberto Luongo inspires a woman to fight on against Cancer [Puck Daddy]

Speaking of Luongo, Sports Illustrated says Luongo's been traded... to Vancouver [Pass it to Bulis]

Five early season trends that may interest Me Cam Charron [Backhand Shelf]

Bill Gallacher wants to buy the Coyotes apparently [Five For Howling]

Sportsnet Ontario has more fun with headlines- the Staals vs the Leafs [Puck Drunk Love]

An interactive clock marking how much time since Phil Kessel scored his last goal [Eyes on the Prize]