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Devils in the Details- 2/26/13: Martian Headhunter Edition

Links and discussion for 2/26/13

Devils Links

Fenwick Timeline of Sunday's Devils-Jets Game [Arctic Ice Hockey]

The last week has been a wake-up call for the Devils [Fire and Ice]

Martin Brodeur is day-to-day with a sore back [Fire and Ice]

The Devils and New Jersey hashed out a revenue sharing plan []

Are the Devils trying to move a defenseman for a forward? []

Your Weekly A-Devs recap [Thoughts inside the Box]

Reid Boucher scoring goals? Reid Boucher scoring goals. [Down Goes Avery]

Hockey Links

On Don Cherry and taking him seriously [Backhand Shelf]

CBC thinks Real-Time "Stats" are more important than Possession Numbers. Alrighty... [Backhand Shelf]

The Blackhawks continue to chase history [PHT]

Zac Rinaldo threatens Phil Kessel, no one surprised that Zac Rinaldo did something stupid [Broad Street Hockey]

In Flames guitarist Niclas Englin and Niklas Hjarlmasson [Instagram]