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Devils in the Details- 2/21/13: Away and Away Edition

Links and Discussion for 2/21/13

Devils Links

Ryan Carter will miss both games against the Caps [Fire and Ice]

Could Patrik Elias be a Hall of Famer? []

Could the Devils win a back to back set against the Caps in the Verizon Centre? [Speaking of the Devils]

The Devils are missing a lot more shots this year than last year [Arctic Ice Hockey]

A preview of tonight's game [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

Hockey Links

If you haven't already heard, Eric T from Broad Street Hockey will be presenting a paper on Zone Entries at the Sloan Sports conference [NHL Numbers]

Penguins-Flyers was "Goaltending Optional" [Broad Street Hockey]

The Buffalo Sabres have fired Lindy Ruff [Backhand Shelf]

Ron Rolston, coach of the Sabres AHL team and brother of former Devil Brian Rolston will be their interim coach [Puck Daddy]

What was popular when Lindy Ruff was first hired? [Puck Drunk Love]

Mike Milbury says something stupid, no one is surprised (I could've sworn I've said this before) [Puck Daddy]