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Devils in the Details - 1/9/2013: KOVALGATE Edition

New Jersey Devils & Related Hockey Links for 1/9/13

Your links for today:

Devils Links

This lockout has confirmed for Martin Brodeur: he's not done yet. []

In a story I'm dubbing KOVALGATE, Ilya Kovalchuk has created some speculation about whether or not he'll come back to the NHL by some interesting comments and by the fact that he's NOT RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. Just relax, people. [Fire and Ice] [Slap Shot] [Backhand Shelf] [PHT]

Lou, however, knows of no reason why Kovalchuk won't be back. [Fire and Ice]

Who benefits from a shortened season? The Hockey Writers think the New Jersey Devils are one of the teams that benefits most. [The Hockey Writers]

Remember 1995? The Devils have some history of doing well in a shortened season. [The Hockey News]

Hockey Links

Related to KOVALGATE: KHL president Alexander Medvedev has made some interesting comments regarding the new CBA. Huh. [PHT]

Alex Ovechkin has some thoughts on the end of the lockout. This is sort of related to KOVALGATE. [Puck Daddy]

The NHL Board of Governors is set to vote on the new CBA today. Fingers crossed! [Slap Shot]

Zach Parise and Ryan Suter have hit the ice as Minnesota Wild players. [The Hockey News]

What about the Olympics? Will NHLers be back? [Cross Checks]

Even the refs and linesmen are getting ready for the season to begin! [PHT]

In a shock upset, the Harlem Globetrotters won their game on ice. [Puck Daddy]

Feel free to discuss these and any other hockey-related stories in the comments below. When referencing KOVALGATE, remember to capitalize "KOVALGATE."