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Devils in the Details: 1/22/13: Captain Crankypants Scratched Edition

Links and discussions for 1/22/13

Devils Links

Travis Zajac and Jacob Josefson should be ready for tomorrow's game [Fire and Ice]

On the other hand, Zac Rinaldo won't be. Which sucks. Because he sucks [Broad Street Hockey]

The Flyers are going to be angry [Fire and Ice]

Cam Janssen feels the pressure of being a terrible hockey player []

Don't count out the Devils [Devils Army Blog]

Talking Red interviews Peter Stastny (remember him?) [Talking Red]

Hockey Links

Damien Brunner is good. P.S. can someone find Sergei Bobrovsky's jock? [SBNation]

You know who else is good? PK Subban- stats prove it [Eyes on the Prize]

You know who else likes analyzing stuff? Brian Elliot [Backhand Shelf]

Paul MacLean's twin brother showed up at a Sens game. Okay, I lied about the twin part [Backhand Shelf]

Good old captain crankypants got scratched again. Hahaha [PHT]