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Devils in the Details- 1/1/13: New Years Links

Links and discussion for 1/1/13

Devils Links

Jon Merrill recently practised with Michigan [Fire and Ice]

Best of Links

The best of SBNation's posts in 2012 [SBNation]

The 10 best goals in 2012 [Puck Daddy]

Hockey Links

What we'd like to see in 2013 [Puck Drunk Love]

Will the NHLPA insist on Escrow? If so, we might have some more #danellisproblems [PHT]

Looking at the problems with money and a shortened season [Driving Play]

A look at the idea of expanding the playoffs [mc79hockey]

A look at a new concept- Pass to Shot ratio [Hockey Prospectus]

Tales from the 1992 strike [Backhand Shelf]