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Devils in the Details - 12/13/2012: Stephen Gionta Week Edition

New Jersey Devils & Related Hockey Links for 12/13/12

Your links for today:

Devils Links
Who is the best center in the whole world? Ilya Kovalchuk thinks it's Pavel Datsyuk. [PHT]

Apparently it's "Write a Profile on Stephen Gionta" week in hockey news. So, here you go, Cross Checks' profile on Stephen Gionta and his return to the AHL: [Cross Checks]

Hockey Links

Surprise, surprise: no progress was made in yesterday's CBA negotiations, even after six and a half hours of work. [Cross Checks] [Fire and Ice]

According to one agent, European hockey teams are bracing for an end to the lockout within the next week. (If you want to get excited about this, feel free to. I, however, will not be.) [Puck Daddy]

How would a new CBA impact the NHL? [The Hockey Writers]

Damien Brunner is the top NHLer playing in Europe. He's put up an impressive 48 points. [Cross Checks]

At least we still have the World Junior Championships. Here's the schedule: [Backhand Shelf]

Feel free to discuss these and any other hockey-related stories in the comments below.