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Devils in the Details- 11/8/12: Mr Krabs Counts Down the Lockout Edition

Links and Discussion for 11/8/12

Devils Links

David Clarkson is returning to North America [Fire and Ice]

Hockey Links

The NHL and PA are meeting again for a 3rd straight day. PROGRESS! [Fire and Ice]

The New CBA might not have term limits for contracts, but may feature amnesty buyouts [PHT]

Scott Gomez has signed in the ECHL. He might actually score more than two goals [Puck Daddy]

#occupyNHL actually happened. And I think it was a massive failure [Puck Daddy]

Has Gary Bettman ever done anything right? [St. Louis Game Time]

Mr Krabs counts down the days of the lockout [Youtube]

What the NHL could learn from US Politics, with hilarious Venn diagrams [The Leafs Nation]