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Devils in the Details- 11/6/12: Interpretive Dance Edition

Links and Discussion for 11/6/12

Link You Need To Click On

Have you ever wanted to see a blogger dancing in Yoga Pants in an anti-lockout video? Of course you do [Puck Daddy]

Devils Links

Martin Brodeur talks about Hurricane Sandy [Fire and Ice]

Ilya Kovalchuk is the KHL player of the month [PHT]

Hockey Links

NHL and PA to resume talks today. I bet Harrison Mooney dancing had a lot to do with this [Backhand Shelf]

Responding to a dumb article about "hockey breeding jerks". Also known as "not all people grow up to become Cam Janssen" [Backhand Shelf]

Rick DiPietro got hurt again. I may or may not be running out of jokes right now [PHT]

Did the Sedins lose a step last season? [Canucks Army]

German Unicycle hockey looks amazing [Days of Y'Orr]