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Devils in the Details- 11/29/12: Dancing Kovy Edition

Links and discussion for 11/29/12

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Devils Links

You want to see a video of Kovy and other SKA players dancing? Of course you do [Puck Daddy]

Adam Henrique will miss 4-6 weeks with a thumb injury [Fire and Ice]

The Devils made a small profit in 2011-2012 per Forbes [Fire and Ice]

Hockey Links

The Toronto Maple Leafs are worth *raises pinky to mouth* One Billion Dollars [Puck Daddy]

Looking at the Forbes' values and how they're a lie [mc79hockey]

Dan Ellis will like this article- Why Escrow is bad for the Owners [Driving Play]

The Charity game in Atlantic city raised $500 000 for Hurricane Sandy Relief []

Wild Goalie Josh Harding has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis [Globe and Mail]

Patrick Kane missed his photoshoot with his Swiss team... and this happened [Backhand Shelf]

"Why you heff to be mad"- in dubstep form [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

Red Wings prospect Riley Sheahan got "Superdrunk" and got arrested in a teletubby costume. No word on whether or not he was accompanied by McLovin [Puck Daddy]