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Devils in the Details- 11/20/12: Charity Games Edition

Links and discussion for 11/20/12

Devils News

Andy Greene, Martin Brodeur and David Clarkson will be playing in a charity game in Atlantic City [Fire and Ice]

Devils alumni will be doing their own charity game tomorrow in Morristown [Devils Army Blog]

Cam Janssen will also be hosting a charity game, although in Missouri. Yes, that Cam Janssen []

Hockey Links

Looking at Jim Rutherford's quote about Judging defensemen [mc79hockey]

Mike Fisher, professional purse holder. And a .gif of Dion Phaneuf dancing to Gangnam Style [Backhand Shelf]

The All-star game in Columbus could be eliminated with the next set of game cancellations [Puck Daddy]

Ed Snider is fed up with this lockout, so he's turning face [Broad Street Hockey]

Today in NHL players being stupid- Kris Versteeg refers to Bettman and Daly as "Cancers" [Puck Daddy]

Today in NHL players being stupid part deux- Erik Cole and several Habs players are rocking "Puck Bettman" hats. Laaaaaaaame. [Puck Daddy]