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Devils in the Details - 11/14/2012: Back to Posturing Edition

New Jersey Devils & Related Hockey Links for 11/14/12

Your links for today:

Devils Links

In the event of a full-season lockout, who would retire? I don't agree with all of these inclusions, but it should spark an interesting conversation. Which Devils stick it out? Who hangs up the skates? [The Hockey Writers]

Hockey Links

Sidney Crosby is a little angry about the lockout. Huh. [Puck Daddy]

Henrik Lundqvist has a new mask. It looks nice. [Puck Daddy]

Most starting NHL goaltenders haven't found lockout work. [PHT]

And we're back to the posturing! Daly: "We're done making proposals." [PHT]

The final hurdle in the CBA negotiations? Players' contract rights. [Slap Shot]

Where do we stand after last week's negotiations? [Cross Checks]

Feel free to discuss these and any other hockey-related stories in the comments below.