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Devils History

Stretch Goals for the Final Stretch of a Successful New Jersey Devils Season

The 2022-23 New Jersey Devils have accomplished a lot in the regular season. It is arguably one of their best seasons ever in franchise history. With 11 games left to play starting tonight, this post goes over some other milestones that the team and its players can still achieve.

A Response to Sean Fitz-Gerald’s & The Athletic’s Hatchet Job on Scott Stevens

Sean Fitz-Gerald, former 2015 Sportswriter of the Year per Sports Media Canada, wrote up a retrospective piece on Scott Stevens for The Athletic. It is a terrible hatchet job that cannot be ignored. This is a response to the awful post.

Nemec Demoted, Bahl Recalled, & Andy Greene Signed to Retire as New Jersey Devil

The New Jersey Devils made two defenseman-related announcements this morning. First, a transaction to send Simon Nemec down and call up Kevin Bahl. Second, an announcement of Andy Greene signing a one-day contract to retire as a New Jersey Devil.

Looking Back on the Madness of the 2005-2010 Devils, Maybe the Most Compelling ‘Boring’ Team in History

The Devils as a franchise are most defined by the eras that have seen them at the extremes. The heights of 1994-2004 or the lows of 1982-87 and 2015-present. Those in-between years have no shortage of drama, though, with the late 2000s being some of the craziest years the franchise ever saw.

What Does it Take to Score 50 Goals in a Season?

There have been 200 instances in NHL history of someone scoring at least 50 goals in a season. None have ever been with the New Jersey Devils. This post goes into why it matters, what it could take to reach that mark, how close Brian Gionta was, and whether anyone in the current organization could do it one day.

How a Champion was Built: Selected Salary Cap Era Teams

In response to Friday’s post about how the New Jersey Devils championship teams were built, this post looks at more recent champions to see how they were built in the current Salary Cap Era. It turns out that the champions succeeded both at the draft and in other means to get players.

How a Champion was Built: The 1995, 2000, 2003 New Jersey Devils Teams

Drafting well is important for a team’s success. So is acquiring other players to build a team through trades, free agency, and other means. This is shown by looking back at how the 1995, 2000, and 2003 Cup champion teams were built.

A Look at NHL Playoff Droughts Part 7: Lessons Learned

How long must a team suffer? How long has a team suffered? This is the seventh part of a series looking into notable playoff droughts by NHL teams. This part covers the main lessons learned from the series and how it applies to the New Jersey Devils.

A Look at NHL Playoff Droughts Part 5: Ottawa to St. Louis

How long must a team suffer? How long has a team suffered? This is the fourth of several posts looking into notable playoff droughts of 30 of the 32 active NHL franchises to figure out what went wrong and how it ended. This post covers Ottawa, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Jose, and St. Louis.

A Look at NHL Playoff Droughts Part 2: Calgary to Columbus

How long must a team suffer? How long has a team suffered? This is the second of several posts looking into the playoff droughts of 30 of the 32 active NHL franchises to figure out what went wrong and how it ended. This post covers Calgary, Carolina, Chicago, Colorado, and Columbus.

A Look at NHL Playoff Droughts Part 1: New Jersey Devils, Anaheim to Buffalo

How long must a team suffer? How long has a team suffered? This is the first of several posts looking into the playoff droughts of 30 of the 32 active NHL franchises to figure out what went wrong. This post covers the New Jersey Devils, Anaheim, Arizona, Boston, and Buffalo.

Devils Doing Damage: Opposition Splits by Notable New Jersey Devils

As an opposite to the Devils Killers post, this post looks at whom the New Jersey Devils have done well against from 2015-16 to 2021-22. Opposition splits by notable Devils are provided to see who they have done damage to the most.

Devil Killers: The Players that Scored the Most Against the New Jersey Devils Since 2015

Oliver Bjorkstrand was seemingly the face of a Columbus Blue Jackets team that has given the New Jersey Devils fits for years. In honor of him going to Seattle, this post looks at who has done the most damage against Our Favorite Team since 2015.

Can a NHL Team Actually Improve by At Least 30 Points Over a Season?

The 2021-22 New Jersey Devils missed the playoffs by 37 points last season. Has any NHL team actually improved by at least 30 points in the following season? This post provides an answer with the biggest turnaround in Devils history, an even bigger one by a divisional opponent, and what can we learn from both.

Looking Back at the 2017 New Jersey Devils Draft Class

Ahead of the 2022 NHL Draft Lottery, it is time to look back five years and evaluate how the New Jersey Devils draft picks in 2017 turned out. Nico Hischier has been great. Read on to find out about the other ten selections.

Do the New Jersey Devils Actually Need to Learn How to Win?

In the wake of their third-period meltdown in Toronto last week, it was remarked that the New Jersey Devils were a team still "learning how to win." This long post goes over every player and coaching staff member to determine if they were Winners or if they need to "learn How to Win."

Worse than You Think Since 2013: The New Jersey Devils & Shootouts

The New Jersey Devils have been awful at shootouts. Exceptionally so since the 2013-14 season. This post goes into the team’s history in shootouts and offers some points and even two reasons to hope that the shootout may not be an expected loss for the Devils in 2021-22.

Travis Zajac Signed for One Day, Announces Retirement as a New Jersey Devil

The New Jersey Devils announced this morning that Travis Zajac has signed a one-day contract and announced his retirement. This post reacts to the news and summarizes Zajac’s legacy as a Devil.

Kevin Dineen Hired as Utica Comets Head Coach; Hopefully to Help Devils AHL Affiliate Compete

The New Jersey Devils announced on August 5, 2021 that Kevin Dineen will be the head coach of the Utica Comets. This post goes into the lack of success by Devils’ AHL affiliate teams and why Dineen being hired is a good move to turn that around.

Looking Back at the 2016 New Jersey Devils Draft Class

The 2016 NHL Draft saw the New Jersey Devils take nine players, acquire Beau Bennett, and ultimately get a lot of value for who they took. Now that five years has past, let us look back to evaluate how the Devils did with that draft.

Travis Zajac’s Greatest Play as a Devil

On this Saturday, while the trade is still fresh, come reminisce about Travis Zajac’s greatest play as a New Jersey Devil.

Let’s Remember a Devils Guy: Corey Millen

During the Devils COVID-related hiatus, let’s do a bit of Guy-remembering. Today, we consider one of my personal favorite random Devils Guys, Corey Millen.

Let’s Remember a Devils Guy: Steve Thomas

With the NHL’s return to play in limbo at the moment, let’s take this opportunity to remember a Guy in Devils history: Steve Thomas. We salute his three brilliantly mundane years in New Jersey.

Thank You, Doc: Legendary Hockey Broadcaster Dr. Mike Emrick is Retiring

Earlier today, the news broke that former New Jersey Devils and legendary hockey broadcaster Dr. Mike "Doc" Emrick is retiring. This post goes over his greatness, the praise he has received, and how he will be missed. Thank you, Doc.

An Ode to Cory Schneider: A Great Goalie and Stand-Up Guy with Hall-of-Fame Awful Timing

Cory Schneider, a once-great goalie who fell off hard in recent years, will leave behind a strange legacy in New Jersey. How will we remember his time in red and black?

1990’s Goaltending: Brodeur vs Hextall

The future of the Devils-Flyers rivalry might depend in large part on how Carter Hart and Mackenzie Blackwood play, as Mike discussed yesterday. The last time there was a legitimate goaltending competition between the two rivals, however, we were looking at Hextall and Brodeur.

All Devils-Flyers Fights since 2015

Title speaks for itself. Short recap posted with each fight.

Behind Enemy Lines: Players Who Have Laced ‘Em Up For Both the Devils and the Flyers

The drama and impact of some of the player swaps between the local rivals over the seasons.

Reviewing How Peter Laviolette's Flyers Teams Performed Against the Devils

Continuing the rivalry theme, today we will be taking a look at coaching candidate Peter Laviolette’s experience coaching one of the Devils’ rivals - the Flyers.

Flash From The Past: Brodeur and Lundqvist’s Duel.

For today’s piece, I’ll be taking you back in time, to a duel of the decade between Martin Brodeur and Henrik Lundqvist.

A Look Back at the Performances of the John Hynes Devils Teams Against the Rangers

In John Hynes’ time as Devils coach, the team only broke 80 points twice. But how did he do against division rivals? Today, we look at how he fared against the New York Rangers.

Looking Back on the New Jersey Devils Hat Tricks Against the New York Rangers

In today’s post about the Devils - Rangers rivalry, we will take a look back on all of the hat tricks completed by Devils players.