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Devils Business

Posts relevant to the business side of the Devils: marketing, sales, operations, arena issues, etc.

AM News, PM Reaction: The 2024 Stadium Series New Jersey Devils Jerseys

Earlier today, the NHL revealed the 2024 Stadium Series jerseys for the New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia Flyers, New York Rangers, and an ugly one for the New York Islanders. This evening reaction is about how the jerseys looks and laments their lack of availability to buy them today.

New Jersey Devils Secure GM Tom Fitzgerald with a Multi-Year Extension

General Manager Tom Fitzgerald has been extended by the New Jersey Devils for more than one year along with getting a promotion in his title. This post is a reaction to the news and explains why this may lead to some changes for the 2023-24 Devils.

Like the New Jersey Devils, This Season’s Experience at the Prudential Center Lacks Effort

The New Jersey Devils on the ice have underwhelmed this season. So has the organization when it comes to the experience at the Prudential Center for attending a game. Both lack effort as detailed in this rant.

The Devils Ring of Honor Returns & Other 2023-24 New Jersey Devils Theme Nights Announced

Ahead of the 2023-24 regular season, the New Jersey Devils announced their Theme Night schedule for the regular season. It features the return of the Ring of Honor among other returning dates.

Ten Years of Josh Harris & David Blitzer, Owners of the New Jersey Devils

Just over ten years ago, Josh Harris and David Blitzer bought the New Jersey Devils. This post goes over how their ownership has been for the Devils, what else Harris and Blitzer have owned since buying the Devils in 2013, and thoughts about whether it has been good.

What’s Inside the New Jersey Devils Season Ticket Holder Box for 2022-23

New Jersey Devils season ticket holders, such as myself, have received (or will receive soon) a box from the team. This post goes over what’s in the box and new information regarding membership, food, and bags.

New Jersey Devils Third Jersey Leak was Real, Involved Martin Brodeur, and Still Looks Bad

The leaked third jersey for the New Jersey Devils was true. Worse, Martin Brodeur was involved in designing this bad-looking third jersey. Read on to learn its impact, three barely-known minor league inspirations, and more.

Potential New Jersey Devils Third Jersey Leaked - And It’s Bad

The potential third jersey design for the New Jersey Devils from adidas has been leaked. And it is a bad design in the opinion of this author. This post explains why and continues to lament the lack of the classic design.

New Jersey Devils Announce 2021-22 Single Game Ticket Sales Date & Partially Releases Promotional Schedule

On Friday afternoon, the New Jersey Devils announced that single game tickets will go on sale on August 24 at 1 PM. The announcement also included a partial promotional schedule and other bits worthy of further thoughts.

Prudential Center to Allow Limited Crowds Starting March 2

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that pro and college sports can have limited crowds at games starting on March 1. The New Jersey Devils will open up the Rock to 10% capacity on March 2 when they host the Islanders. This post goes over the announcement, the new rules at the Rock, and a reaction to the news.

New Jersey Devils First NHL Team to Announce a Helmet Sponsor: Prudential

The NHL recently allowed teams to have helmet sponsorships. The New Jersey Devils became the first team to announce one. It will be Prudential and it will last for the 2021 season. This post is a quick reaction to the news.

The Pandemic Ushers in the NHL Ad-pocalypse

Thanks in part to the financial damage wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHL’s advertisers have arrived at one of the final sponsorship frontiers, the uniform.

New Jersey Devils Cut Back on Announced Theme Nights for 2019-20 Season

After holding 19 theme nights last season, the New Jersey Devils have cut back to 12 (17 if you include five nondescript Thursday Night Hockey nights) with 10 actually different themes for the 2019-20 season. This post goes over what has been announced and what is missing compared to last season’s promotional schedule.

Yet Again, the New Jersey Devils Want a New Goal Song (Maybe)

Ahead of the 2019-20 preseason and regular season, the New Jersey Devils are reaching out to the fans to choose a new goal song - again. This post goes over all eight finalists and wonders why the last goal song is not only a finalist but also the most recently released song.

What is in the 2019-20 New Jersey Devils Season Ticket Holder Box

Preseason is imminent for the 2019-20 New Jersey Devils. As a result, Devils season ticket holders have started to receive their boxes for the upcoming season. This post has pictures of what is in the box, including a scarf.

Outside the Box Thinking: The Theory of Constraints & The Devils

One of the ways for a team like the New Jersey Devils to improve themselves is to apply systemic methods for continuous improvement to their processes on and off the ice. One such method is the Theory of Constraints. This post explains what it is and offers some potential applications for it.

Ownership Matters & the New Jersey Devils Have Good Owners

Ownership matters in pro sports, even more than ever before. As owners, they wield the power and there is no shortage of organizations where that has went awry. Fortunately, Josh Harris, David Blitzer, and the group that owns the New Jersey Devils appear to be good ones and should be lauded to some degree for it.

AM News, PM Reactions: New Jersey Devils Signed Jeremy Davies, Avoid Risk of Losing Him Next Year

The New Jersey Devils provided fans three pieces of positive news. They called up Brett Seney, they announced Tyler Dellow as a VP of Analytics, and they signed Jeremy Davies to an ELC. This post is an evening reaction with commentary to this morning’s news.

What’s In the 2018-19 New Jersey Devils Box for Season Ticket Holders

Season ticket holders of the New Jersey Devils have begun to receive their boxes for the 2018-19 season. This post is filled with pictures of the outside and the goods inside of the box.

Changes in New Jersey Devils Staff from Lou’s Last Season to the Current Era

In light of Martin Brodeur returning to the New Jersey Devils as a staff member of the organization, this post looks at how much has changed among the staff from Lou Lamoriello’s final season in 2014-15 to today. Much has changed between leadership, coaches, scouts, and support staff with only a few in each department who can say they were there four years ago.

New Jersey Devils Announce 19 Theme Nights for 2018-19 Season

Giveaways! Appreciation Nights! Outreach! Nostalgia! Promotions! The New Jersey Devils have announced 19 Theme Nights for their 40-game home schedule for the 2018-19 season. This post goes through all 19 and gives thoughts about each of them and the schedule as a whole.

New Jersey Devils Goes Back to the Eighties Again with a Heritage Jersey

Earlier today, the New Jersey Devils went back to the 1980s era with the reveal of a heritage jersey that is basically the home whites they wore from 1982 to 1992 in adidas’ jersey material. In this reaction post to the news, I am not a fan of it. Maybe you are, though.

New Jersey Devils Theme Nights in 2017-18 was Mostly Successful in Attendance

Not only did the New Jersey Devils have better overall official attendance in 2017-18, but thirteen out of their fifteen theme nights or games with promotions were official sellouts. This post takes a closer look at last year’s promotional schedule, offers some caveats to the success, takes a closer look at the two that disappointed, and guesses what we may see in 2018-19.

Exciting, Meaningful Devils Hockey Leads to Ratings and Attendance Rebound in New Jersey

A return to success on the ice in New Jersey also meant good news from a business perspective for the organization.

Now a Month Into the Season, How is Everyone Feeling About the New Devils Uniforms?

Today at All About the Jersey, we talk about literal jerseys — specifically, the new ones the team is now icing every night. They were undeniably unpopular when they were revealed, but has your opinion change after a couple months of seeing them on the ice?

Can an Exciting Devils Team Turn Around the Sliding Attendance Trend?

The Devils, by virtue of stinking for much of the last five seasons, have seen some fans drift away from the Rock over that time. With a young and exciting team now in Newark, can they reverse that pattern?

NJ Devils Enter Partnership with the Riveters of the National Women’s Hockey League

Earlier this evening, Seth Berkman of the New York Times reported that the New Jersey Devils have entered a partnership with the Riveters of the National Women’s Hockey League. They’ll now be known as the Metropolitan Riveters. This post is a quick reaction to some new business.

Pictures of the 2017 New Jersey Devils Not-Season Ticket and Box

Earlier today, I received what I thought was my 2017-18 season ticket from the New Jersey Devils. This post includes pictures of the package it came in and reveals that this year’s ticket is a disappointment. Post has been updated with the news that this is NOT the season ticket.

Devils 2017-18 Ticket Prices for Members

For the first time in a few seasons, the New Jersey Devils have made the membership (season ticket) ticket prices for 2017-18 season available to the public. This post looks at the release and has mixed thoughts about its map and pricing.

Renewal Incentives for Devils Members for 2017-18 Season

Devils Members, or those who have ticket plans with the New Jersey Devils, have been sent messages that they can renew for the 2017-18 season today. As a season ticket holder, I list what incentives the team is offering for renewals.

Devils & iHeartMedia Launch The One Jersey Network

The New Jersey Devils, the Prudential Center, and iHeartMedia NY announced a partnership to launch The One Jersey Network, which will exclusively air the audio broadcasts of 23 games this season. This post reacts to the news.

N.J. Devils Announce 21 Theme Nights for ‘16-’17

Ahead of 2016-17 regular season, the New Jersey Devils sent out a release detailing 15 (with six more on their website) theme nights for their home schedule. This post lists all 21 theme nights with a quick opinion on each.