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Fantasy Hockey

A group for all fantasy hockey related posts.

Devils Are Fantasy Relevant!

After years of having players that were essentially irrelevant in the fantasy world, this year’s squad, and the new offensive prowess that surrounds it, has lifted the Devils back into fantasy hockey relevance!

The Week in Fantasy: Post Trade Deadline Edition

Some things finally cleared up, while others got substantially murkier after the 2017 NHL Trade Deadline

The Week in Fantasy: Backup Goalie Roulette

There don’t look like there are too many backup goalies about to win you your league

The Week in Fantasy: Craig Anderson is a Conundrum

In just a few weeks, he’ll be regaining the Senators’ starting job. But there’s a problem.

The Week in Fantasy: Dump Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews is having a downright bad season and things don’t look to be getting much better

The Week in Fantasy: Sell your Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets’ 16 game winning streak came to an end. Their players won’t be this good forever.

The Week in Fantasy: Should You Give Up on Players Yet?

We’re more than a third of the way through the season. Some guys just aren’t going to put up their normal stats this year

The Week in Fantasy: Let’s be Thankful for Fantasy Hockey

There’s a lot to be thankful for in fantasy, and then there’s Ben Bishop

The Week in Fantasy: Now is the Time to Trade for Devils

Taylor Hall’s injury will have fantasy owners wary of the Devils. Buy low.

The Week in Fantasy: Ben & Andrei

The Lightning are the most talented team in the Eastern Conference. And they may be most talented between the pipes. And that’s not great for fantasy.

The Week in Fantasy: The Left Wing Problem

You can find quality players at center and right wing. But on the left? It’s a  relative wasteland

The Week in Fantasy: Coaches can make all the difference

The Ducks and Avalanche are going in opposite directions under their new bench bosses

The Week in Fantasy: Get Auston Matthews Edition

David Pastrnak is probably a good second choice

New Jersey Devils 2016-17 Season Preview Part 7: A Devils Fantasy Preview

2016-17 Fantasy Mock Draft

Fantasy and the World Cup of Hockey

2016-17 Fantasy hockey league & preview

Week 24 Fantasy Hockey Recap

Some of you are in the second round of the playoffs, some of you are in the finals, and some of you are already preparing for your fantasy baseball draft. Regardless, I'm here to recap the fantasy hockey week.

Week 23 Fantasy Hockey Recap

It's week 23 - the end mark of many of your fantasy regular seasons. Meanwhile, AAtJ's league, and some of you readers' leagues, move into round 2 of the playoffs.

Week 22 Fantasy Hockey Recap

We recap fantasy week 22, which marks the end of the regular season for the AAtJ league as well as many of you readers.

Week 20 & 21 Fantasy Hockey Recap

We were off for a week, so we have 14 days worth of recapping this week.

Week 19 Fantasy Hockey Recap

I'm here to recap the fantasy hockey week, one that apparently included an outdoor. I had no idea.

Week 18 Fantasy Hockey Recap

Fantasy Hockey Week 17 Recap

We're back with the fantasy recap after a week off because of the John Scott game (some people refer to it as the All-Star game).

Week 16 Fantasy Hockey Recap & #BlizzardJonasSucks

I recap Week 16 of the fantasy hockey schedule and mention how this stupid snowstorm cost me a win and ruined my life. Did I mention I live in Los Angeles?

Week 15 Fantasy Hockey Recap & Pickup John Scott

Here is your week 15 fantasy hockey recap, along with my rant about the John Scott situation and how you can help. Well, you can't really help, but you can show your support.

Week 14 Fantasy Hockey Recap

The Devils stunk, but hockey is still a great game. Here's a recap of what a bunch of other players did for or against your fantasy team.

Week 13 Fantasy Hockey Recap

A nice, brief recap of the unlucky 13th fantasy hockey week. Enjoy yourself and kill some of the work day, all while learning!

Week 12 Fantasy Hockey Recap

It was a shortened schedule because of the holiday(s), but since I'm a handsome, classy, and brilliant professional, I didn't short you on the fantasy recap for the week.

Week 11 Fantasy Hockey Recap

The Capitals dominate the fantasy landscape. I discuss that and everything else in Week 11's fantasy hockey recap.

Week 10 Fantasy Hockey Recap

We have achieved double digit weeks in fantasy hockey, and I'm here to bring you the latest.

Week 9 Fantasy Hockey Recap

After a week off, I'm back with your fantasy hockey update.