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2023 Prospects Challenge Gamethread #1: New Jersey Devils vs. Ottawa Senators

The New Jersey Devils rookie camp members will begin a three-game tourney in Buffalo for the 2023 Prospects Challenge. Enjoy your lunch with the first game, which is against the Ottawa Senators.

New Jersey Devils v New York Islanders
Simon Nemec and the Devils are up in the Prospects Challenge
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Welcome back to New Jersey Devils hockey. The Devils are taking part in the Prospects Challenge series in Buffalo for three games. This can be called pre-preseason hockey. The real preseason will begin at the end of the month - and with that, real previews and real recaps. And remember: No injuries, please!

The Time: 12:00 PM ET

The Broadcast: The Devils’ official website will stream this game.

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils vs. the Ottawa Senators

The Goal: No injuries and play well. Training camp and preseason games await so it is crucial for all involved to be able to participate in those events and future ones prior to the regular season.

The Song of the Afternoon: As this tourney is about what’s new, I want to share what I think may be the best hardcore album of the year. Although Pain of Truth’s Not Through Blood is super (and I can pretty much use none of it on this site), there’s little to not enjoy with Never Ending Game’s Outcry album. Just start with “Never Die,” which features Justice Tripp (Trapped Under Ice, Angel Du$t) and Sam Trapkin (Trapped Under Ice)

The Rules: As usual, keep it clean, respect your fellow Devils fan, and keep it relevant to the game. Go Devils.