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Hockey at the Rock- Episode 8: Contender Moves

Time for some summer tidying up around the edges.

Canada v Germany : Final - 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship Finland - Latvia Photo by Andrea Branca/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

For this month’s off-season episode, we look back on all the transactions that have happened since our last podcast, starting with MacKenzie Blackwood and going all the way to Tomas Nosek. A lot has happened and a lot of faces have come and gone but the end result appears to be more of a serious contending team than I think any of us had imagined. The summer of Tom Fitzgerald has been another great one and the league is making note as the Devils open tied for the third or fourth-best odds to win the Cup.

Thank you all as always for listening and Let’s Go Devils! We know you’re just as excited about next season as we are and the team basically can’t look much different so how do you feel about the state of the roster currently? Let us know in the comments.