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Hockey at the Rock- Episode 5: Series Win and Deja Vu

Oh look, it’s an ugly 0-2 already!

New Jersey Devils v Carolina Hurricanes - Game Two Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Through two games of this Eastern Conference Semifinal, the New Jersey Devils have found themselves staring down yet another 0-2 hole while giving up 11 goals and only scoring two themselves. They have been out-worked, out-played, out-coached, and generally dominated in every aspect of the game by the Carolina Hurricanes. Naturally, that just means we expect to see you back here with another inexplicable 2-2 tie (hopefully) as the Devils look to turn their fortunes back at home starting with Game 3 today.

We made sure to grant them their deserved praise for taking out Our Hated Rivals in round one. This team has given us one hell of a season already and we all hope it continues on but let’s not lose appreciation for an already excellent contention window-opening season.

Be loud today at the Rock, folks. They need us now more than ever. As always, thank you all for listening and Let’s Go Devils!