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Hockey at the Rock, Episode #1: Playoffs, Baby

Dan and John are back with a New Jersey Devils podcast, now on a new network and a new name: Hockey at the Rock. It is still the same podcast discussing many Devils games. With extra gloating this week as the Devils are going back to the playoffs.

Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils
Hockey at the Rock! Well, not this kind of hockey exactly. The game played inside the building.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Welcome to Hockey at the Rock. Due to changes made at Vox regarding their sports podcasts, Dan and I made the decision to move onto the Fans First Sports Network. With that: a new name for the podcast. We have settled on Hockey at the Rock. This is the first episode of Hockey at the Rock. Between these changes and life getting in the way, the podcast was recorded on Wednesday prior to the Devils smashing Columbus 8-1 and signing Luke Hughes, which happened this morning. Here is what we did cover:

  • A quick run through of all of the games that happened between the last episode and this one. Which was the second Tampa Bay game in March to the Pittsburgh game on Tuesday.
  • Playoffs were clinched! Gloating was had. It is deserved.
  • Milestones were discussed. Since then, The Big Deal Jack Hughes is a point away from tying Elias.
  • Michigan and Luke Hughes was discussed. Since then, well, Michigan got knocked out and Luke Hughes was signed. As you know.
  • More!

Despite the name change, the podcast remains the same. It is still about the New Jersey Devils. It is still about games that were played, the news that has happened, and the speculation of what could happen in the future. The network support has changed but the way to listen to the show remains the same, which you can do below. Dan and I would like to thank everyone who has listened to us so far and we continue to appreciate your support as we continue onward as Hockey at the Rock. Thank you, you are the People Who Matter.

As ever, please feel free to leave your reactions in the comments as well as any questions and feedback.