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Dougie Hamilton Scores OT Winner, Schmid Makes 35 Saves as Devils Take Game 3

The Devils got their first win of the 2023 playoffs with a 2-1 overtime victory on the road. They looked a lot better than games 1 and 2 and are right back in the series.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-New Jersey Devils at New York Rangers
I love Dougie
Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

1st Period

Bratt had a great opportunity right out of the gate, and Kane took a penalty trying to defend it. Devils to the PP. Hamilton had a good opportunity but took too long to shoot and it was blocked. They then proceeded to give up the puck several times. Bratt managed to get it into the corner and the Devils got set up, but Bratt took too long to pass and the Rangers took it away. Tatar took a shot in the dying seconds and it got on net, forcing Shesterkin to make a glove save. He shot it quickly, and it wasn’t blocked. Coincidence? I think not.

McLeod cross-checked a guy without the puck in the OZ for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Rangers to the power play. What a stupid play. On the kill, the Devils got possession and sent it around the boards without looking. Rangers kept it in. The Devils managed to survive that sequence and got a couple clears. Penalty killed!

Devils got a 2 on 1 but Boqvist made a weak pass that was intercepted. A couple Rangers collide on a play but the Devils are offside on the re-entry. Shots 5-5 9:32 in.

Panarin got a breakaway and shot it wide. Meier hit Lindgren to get the puck behind the Rangers net but the Rangers got it back.

Devils keep giving the puck away in the OZ quite readily. Missing passes and not coming in quickly enough to support their teammates.

A Devil turned the puck over behind his net and the Rangers had a chance right in front.

Meier blocked a Miller shot off the foot. To the bench.

Meier took a shot and Shesterkin left the rebound sitting in front of him. Hischier tried to go 5 hole but Shesterkin closed the door. Some pushing and shoving after the play.

Shot attempts off rush: 9-2 Devils

Mercer had a chance but took to long to shoot and it was blocked. Hamilton was set up from the goal line but misfired on the one timer. The first period comes to an end, the first scoreless period of the series, and also the Devils’ best period of the series. Devils led in fenwick, corsi, shots, scoring chances, high-danger chances, and expected goals. Even bigger differences at 5v5.

2nd Period

Palat stole the puck from a Ranger but didn’t use his opportunity to shoot and ended up coughing it up.

Meier went down at center ice. He got hit in the head by Goodrow. Clearly intentionally leading with the elbow. No call.

Palat lost the puck after being slashed by Zibanejad. Kreider scored on the ensuing 2 on 2. 1-0 Rangers.

Graves called for cross-checking Trocheck in front of the net. Happens a hundred times a game, but because Trocheck dove, they called it. Devils with a few clears in a row and they kill the penalty. Schmid makes a save for a much-needed stoppage.

Devils need some energy here off that kill. Puck deflected out of play for another DZ faceoff.

Goodrow to the box for pulling Meier’s legs out with his stick. First 42 seconds easily killed by NY. Devils got into the zone with a minute left and Hamilton blasted a shot off the crossbar and out of play. Rest of the PP ineffective. Once again, a SOG-less power play for NJ.

Whistle blown with the Rangers on the rush at center ice. Players keep playing for another 5 seconds and it ends with more pushing and shoving. Meier fell on Shesterkin and Shesterkin punched him. Bahl and Panarin end up in the box for roughing each other up. Tarasenko to the box as well for Shesterkin’s penalty. Devils back to the power play. Rangers clear off the draw. Devils gain the zone and get set up. Quick passing at the point by Hamilton. He gets it to Hughes who rips one over Trouba’s leg and past Shesterkin. Tie game.

Severson with a couple nice OZ moves and Hischier tips a shot wide. Bratt gets called for interference for accidentally running into a Ranger at the top of the zone. Devils with a better structured penalty kill than the previous two games and they kill the penalty. Lazar blocks a dangerous pass after the power play expires.

McLeod with some speed gaining the zone, but then Meier is called for interference. I didn’t even see him touch the Ranger, but Devils to the kill nonetheless. They continue their great job on the kill tonight and it remains 1-1 after 2.

3rd Period

Rangers are better in the 3rd and Devils are sloppier. Shots now 25-18 NYR.

Bratt was alone in front and Shesterkin made the quick 5 hole save.

Graves off for high-sticking away from the play. 5th power play for the Rangers.

Panarin shot two one-timers just wide. Devils make the kill.

Both teams not taking any risks here in a tie game in the 3rd.

Final minute of play. Both teams taking their time behind their net. Some center ice play but no chances for either team. Headed to overtime.

Shots 28-23 NYR in regulation.


Rangers controlled the first 3 minutes. Devils have gone 8minutes without a shot attempt.

Meier had a good opportunity with Bratt trying to get the rebound but Shesterkin keeps it out.

Graves with a good backcheck to break up a near 2 on 1 for NY.

Meier centered for Bratt but it skipped on him and he didn’t get much on the shot. Shesterkin the save.

The Devils played a few minutes in a row. And then kept coming. The Devils were the superior team for the rest of overtime. They’re playing like themselves for the first time in the series. There were a few chances either way, but it was a Devils-style game. Also, Nico Hischier made a diving play to deflect a Zibanejad shot high. Just needed to mention it.

With 8:30 left in overtime, Bratt skated in, skated across the zone, spun around, and found the trailing Hamilton cutting in down the right side. Hamilton fired a wrist shot over the glove of Shesterkin, finally beating him at 5v5, and the Devils win game 3 in overtime!

A Much Better Performance

From the start, the Devils looked better. They controlled play at 5v5 better. They controlled all the stats in the first and kept the Rangers from taking an early lead. The 2nd was not as good with the Devils struggling for shots. Taking 4 penalties in the 2nd did not help either. Kreider scored to break the ice, but the Devils responded with a huge Hughes PPG. The Devils were a better in the 3rd, only taking 1 penalty and holding the Rangers to 6 shots in the period. The Rangers started out hot in overtime, but then the Devils took over. One of the biggest takeaways from this game, other than, y’know, winning, was that the Devils played their game after the first 3 minutes of OT. They played like they did in the regular season, supportive, north-south hockey. The PK was also massive today. 5 for 5 on the kill after being burned by OHR’s power play in the first two games. If the Rangers score on even 1 of those 5 power plays, do the Devils score another in regulation? It could easily be a 3-0 series without the kill today. And part of the kill, and another large reason for the victory, was Akira Schmid. He came into his first NHL playoff game, down 2-0, at Madison Square Garden, and he made 35 saves on 36 shots. What a performance from him. And one more thing: The Devils dominated the high-danger chance battle tonight. All situations was about 60/40 and 5v5 was 80/20. The Devils are gonna need those HDCs to beat Shesterkin and they got some tonight. Keep getting to those dirty areas and some pucks should go in.

The Devils and Rangers were both good road teams in the regular season. The road team has won all 3 games so far. Let’s hope the Devils take Game 4 on the road as well.

Keep It Up

The Devils have to go out and have another great performance at MSG on Monday. A 3-1 deficit is doable, but often very difficult to come back from. A 2-2 series is a much better situation. They seemed to find their game in overtime, which bodes well for game 4.

By the way, this win means the Devils are 45/45 at avoiding a sweep. The only other NHL teams to not have been swept are Vegas and Seattle. Vegas is in their 6th year. The Devils are celebrating their 40th year. Pretty cool stat. I can rest easy for the rest of this series knowing whatever happens, we still have the coolest record in sports.

Leave your thoughts on the victory in the comments below, and thank you for reading.