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2022-23 Gamethread #67: New Jersey Devils vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

It took 66 games, but the New Jersey Devils will finally play the Tampa Bay Lightning for the first time this season tonight. And then two more times in their next three games. Get used to a lot of the Bolts. Talk about this first meeting in this post.

NHL: MAR 07 Flyers at Lightning
Get ready for a lot of Nikita Kucherov.
Photo by Andrew Bershaw/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For the first time this season, Our Favorite Team will face the Tampa Bay Lightning. This is the first of three meetings that will take place over the next five days. Yes, five days. Get used to the Lightning, everyone.

The Time: 7:00 PM ET

The Broadcast: TV - MSGSN, BSSUN; Audio - The Devils Hockey Network

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils vs. the Tampa Bay Lightning

The Song of the Night: More Death. Their second album, Leprosy, is loaded with more riffs. Classic ones can be found in the track, “Pull the Plug,” a monster from 1988 that still goes hard to this day.

The Rules: As usual for this site since the very beginning: Keep your comments clean (this means no swearing, if I have to keep deleting your comments, then the warnings will commence), respect your fellow Devils fan with no personal attacks, no illegal streams (this means no asking, no hints, no nothing about it) and please keep comments relevant to the game. Go Devils.