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2023-24 Gamethread #21: New Jersey Devils at Philadelphia Flyers

The New Jersey Devils will close out November with a back-to-back set. First, their actual last game in November. A game against the Philadelphia Flyers in their building. Can the Devils prevail against the overachieving Flyers? Talk about it here.

Philadelphia Flyers v New York Islanders
Photo by Michael Mooney/NHLI via Getty Images

Our Favorite Team closes out November with a game in the city where the owners own their NBA team. Yes, it is the Second Rate Rivals, who have been overachieving this season so far.

The Time: 7:00 PM ET

The Broadcast: TV - MSGSN, NBCSP; Radio - Devils Hockey Network (on Audacy)

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils at the Philadelphia Flyers

The Song of the Night: You may know Harms Way for their super-beefy singer doing a running man at the 2019 edition of This is Hardcore, an annual big hardcore show in Philly. You should also know them for their brutal approach to the genre. Here is a great example with a fantastic riff when the song slows down: the title track of their 2011 album, Isolation.

The Rules: The rules remain even as the Devils are playing the Second Rate Rivals. Keep your comments clean (this means no swearing, don’t mask it, it’s not enough), respect your fellow Devils fan with no personal attacks (play nice or you will not play here), no illegal streams (this means no asking, no hints, no nothing about it), and please keep comments relevant to the game. Go Devils.