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2022-23 Gamethread #38: New Jersey Devils at Detroit Red Wings

In their first road game of 2023, the New Jersey Devils visit the Detroit Red Wings. The Devils have prevailed here once before in October. Can they do it again? This post is a Gamethread where fans can discuss the game as it happens.

New Jersey Devils v Detroit Red Wings
Sharangovich! Nedeljkovic (maybe)! Tonight!
Photo by Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images

Our Favorite Team returns to Michigan to begin their first back-to-back set of 2023. The last time they were in the ‘D’ in a back-to-back set went well. Let us hope for a repeat.

The Time: 7:00 PM ET

The Broadcast: TV - TNT; Audio - The Devils Hockey Network

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils at the Detroit Red Wings (SBN Blog: Winging it in Motown)

The Song of the Night: As an inside reference that is very, very appropriate for this day, here is “Monster” by Skillet.

The Rules: As usual for this site since the very beginning: Keep your comments clean (this means no swearing, if I have to keep deleting your comments, then the warnings will commence), respect your fellow Devils fan with no personal attacks, no illegal streams (this means no asking, no hints, no nothing about it) and please keep comments relevant to the game. Go Devils.