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2023 Devils Offseason

A group for all posts related to the 2023 offseason of the New Jersey Devils

Splitting Goalie Starts Could Work Well This Year

Before the 2021-22 season, the Devils had things set up to split starts between Jonathan Bernier and Mackenzie Blackwood. That went south quickly, but they are trying again this year with two different guys.

Odds of Getting Off to a Good Start

With expectations as high as they’ve been in over a decade, the New Jersey Devils would greatly benefit from a strong start. How does the schedule look early on?

Devils Offense Will Need to Keep Thriving on High Danger

The Devils were one of the best high danger teams last season. Come check out just how good they were, and why they want to keep that up this year.

Keith Kinkaid Returns; New Jersey Devils Signed Kinkaid to a Two-Way, One Season Deal

Ahead of training camp opening for veterans, the New Jersey Devils signed a veteran goaltender. Keith Kinkaid returns to the organization for a two-way contract. This post covers his history as a whole and where he stands.

How Likely Do You Think That Will Happen Again?

The 2022-23 season was an incredible one for the New Jersey Devils. Literally. Ahead of the 2023-24 season, this is a post to point out that it may not be repeat of what happened last season.

Replacing Ryan Graves’ Defensive Starts

Last season, Ryan Graves received the brunt of the defensive zone starts for the Devils’ defense. With him gone, someone else will need to fill that role.

Expect Fewer Penalty Minutes for the New Jersey Devils in 2023-24

The New Jersey Devils were relatively disciplined last season with only 632 PIM as a team. With players like Miles Wood gone and Brendan Smith expected to take a reduced role, can they take fewer penalties? This post explains yes - but there are still some players with penalty-concerns.

A Devils Perspective on the Ongoing Ivan Fedotov Saga

Flyers 2015 seventh round draft pick goaltender Ivan Fedotov signed an entry level contract back in 2022. Since then, he has been detained for military service, signed a contract with CSKA Moscow, and played for them despite an IIHF suspension. This saga impacts the Devils, the NHL, and the international hockey landscape.

New Jersey’s 5v5 Scoring Is Diverse and Should Remain That Way

Last season, there were 39 forwards who scored at least 20 goals at 5 on 5 action. The Devils had four of them on their roster at the end of the season, a strong feat. This is a great sign moving forward.

The New Jersey Devils & MSG Network 2004 Deal Enters Final Season in 2023-24

In 2004, the New Jersey Devils signed a 20-year contract with MSG Networks to have them televise their games. This upcoming season is the last season under that deal. This post goes over what could happen, what has been happening with RSNs, and more.

New Jersey Devils to Play 16 Games with National Coverage in 2023-24

Earlier today, ESPN and Warner Brothers-Discovery announced their broadcast schedules for the 2023-24 season. The New Jersey Devils will have 16 games getting national coverage; 13 exclusive to these networks, 8 for ESPN, and 8 for TNT. This post reacts to the schedule.

New Jersey Devils Preseason Success Doesn’t Mean Regular Season Success - As You Know

You probably know this, but preseason success does not necessarily mean regular season success. This has been known by design. This post shows how it is true by comparing preseason records of the New Jersey Devils and their AHL team’s regular season records since 2010.

An Interesting Little Evolution in Jack’s Game

Jack Hughes has improved significantly since entering the NHL four seasons ago. His game has improved in many facets. Today, I take a look at one that I found interesting.

All About the Jersey Wants 2 of You to Preview & Recap Devils Games

Are you interested in writing game previews and recaps of the New Jersey Devils for the People Who Matter, the fans of the New Jersey Devils? Are you able to work with a group and a schedule? There is an opportunity for two of you at All About the Jersey.

The Devils Finally Have Plenty of Guys Who Shoot

The Devils struggled for many years to find guys who would be happy shooting the puck. Now, they’ve got plenty of them, and that should be good for this offense.

The 2022-23 Devils Were Much Improved in Back-to-Backs

Back-to-back sets are tough, as it usually puts one team at a rest disadvantage over the other. Last season, however, the Devils were able to defy that disadvantage and win more often than not. Can they keep it up?

New Jersey Devils’ 2023 Training Camp Battles for the Defense

While training camp is over a month away, one can identify the pending battles for roster spots on the New Jersey Devils to start the 2023-24 season. This post goes over the battles on defense and speculates as to who makes it and where.

The Draft Rights & Contracts of New Jersey Devils Young Players as of the 2023 Offseason

When a team drafts a player, they draft their rights. However, those rights are mostly limited as the team eventually has to sign them or not. With the Top 25 Devils Under 25 poll ongoing, this post goes through the young players who are signed by the New Jersey Devils, who has rights that will expire, and who has rights that will not.

10-Goal Scorers on the Power Play

In recent memory, the Devils have struggled at getting consistent goals from stars on the power play. Did they achieve the feat last year, and what is to come next year?

Getting Goalied Revisited: The Threshold, the 2023 Playoffs, & the Devils Since March 17

This post revisits the familiar yet frustrating concept in hockey called "getting goalied." It re-visits the definition and threshold and looks at how often it happened to the New Jersey Devils in the 2023 playoffs and in the season since March 17, 2023.

Devils Reach Deal with Kevin Bahl, Sign Him for Two Years at $1.05M Per Year

The Devils signed their last remaining RFA on Monday, inking Kevin Bahl to a 2-year deal with a $1.05 million cap hit. It’s another solid contract on the books for the Devils, who have had a very nice summer on that front.

The 2022-23 Devils and Luck

Welcome to my yearly post about luck! Let’s take a look at some stats from last year and how they might show if the Devils and their resurgence was the result of any kind of luck.

An Early Look at How the 2023-24 Devils Defense Might Shake Out

Sorting out the roster possibilities on defense and taking a stab at the opening night lineup for the Devils’ blue line.

A Puckdoku Guide for the New Jersey Devils Fan

Puckdoku is this offseason’s timekiller of choice for hockey fans to fill out 3 by 3 grids of players. It’s a fun trivia game drawing on hockey history. This post is focused on helping those play the game with a a New Jersey Devils perspective, listing many that have come through the organization since 1974.

The Devils Have A Goal: Generate Rush Attempts

Some teams like to slow things down and set up in the offensive zone. The Devils, however, are the exact opposite. They love to generate rush attempts.

Expiring New Jersey Devils Entry Level Contracts in 2024 Part 3: Akira Schmid

New Jersey Devils goaltender Akira Schmid is entering the final season of his entry level contract in 2023-24. This post explains his situation and explores what the market may look like for a RFA goaltender based on signings since July 2022.

New Jersey Devils Sign Defensive Forward Tomas Nosek for $1 Million & 1 Season

The New Jersey Devils added another depth forward: Tomas Nosek. He is a defensive left winger who can take and win faceoffs. This post goes over what he can do for the Devils for $1 million next season.

The New Jersey Devils Championship Window is Currently through 2027

This post is a big-picture look at the New Jersey Devils. The current squad might as well be called the 2027 Window Crew. This post also goes into what can happen for the Devils push out their window of contention out further.

Devils Forwards Should Look To Draw More Penalties

Last season, the Devils forward group, as a whole, was below average when it came to drawing penalties, and they lost their best penalty drawer this offseason. They will need to overcome that loss to get more power play opportunities this year.

New Jersey Devils Sign Chris Tierney for a One Season Two-Way Contract at NHL Minimum

This morning, the New Jersey Devils added a depth center to their roster by signing Chris Tierney to a NHL minimum contract for a season. This post goes over his career so far and why the Devils needed a depth center.

Expiring New Jersey Devils Entry Level Contracts in 2024 Part 2: Dawson Mercer

New Jersey Devils forward Dawson Mercer is entering the final season of his entry level contract in 2023-24. This post explains why you should expect that Mercer is going to get paid extremely well.

Is the Status Quo Workable at Goaltender?

There is still lots of smoke around the goaltending situation in New Jersey and whether Tom Fitzgerald has another deal up his sleeve. In the absence of a splash, though, should the Devils feel comfortable rolling with what they’ve got?