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Preseason Game #4 Preview: New Jersey Devils vs New York Rangers

Our Hated Rivals come to our barn after getting crushed in their own last night

New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils play the New York Rangers. SB Nation Blog: Blueshirt Banter

The Time: 7:00 PM ET

The Broadcast: TV - MSG, MSGSN, NHL Network (out of market). RADIO - Devils Hockey Network (Access through the Devils official app or the SiriusXM app)

The Last Devils Game

Yesterday’s game saw the Devils put out a lineup of



The first line is a possible 3rd line, the 2nd line has Wood and Mercer, a 4th liner and a guy who can play anywhere, and the 3rd line has McLeod and Bastian, who are 4th liners. The rest of the forward group is unlikely to make the roster.

Defense is a different story, with the probable top pair as the top pair, and the probable 3rd pair being the 2nd pair.

In yesterday’s game, the Devils won 5-2 over a Rangers squad including their probable top 6 and top pair, with Shesterkin in net. I figure the Rangers have a lower quality lineup tonight after that.

The Last Rangers Game

We beat Our Hated Rivals last night. They were outshot 36-17, outfaceoffed by 26%, and outscored by 3 goals, 5-2. Dougie Hamilton had a 3 point game. Both Rangers goals were shorties. Some things never change (namely, the Devils power play. Hopefully once we get all the regulars together we’ll have a competent man advantage, but who knows)

But in all the important categories, the Rangers got destroyed. That is all.

Probable Lineups

Considering the Devils went with a mostly non-NHL lineup and the Rangers went with a mostly NHL lineup yesterday, I assume the opposite will happen today.

Today we might see the H2O line, Bratt, Johnsson, Sharangovich, and 6 forwards battling to make the roster.

I figure we will see Graves-Severson and 4 defensemen battling it out. Okhotiuk, Walsh, perhaps Nemec, and someone else.

Since Vanecek was in goal yesterday due to Blackwood’s illness, he probably gets the day off. If he can play, Blackwood should get the start. Otherwise, we might see Bernier getting reps or Poultier or Brennan getting a shot.

For Our Hated Rivals, they played their top 6, top pair, and 1G yesterday, so those 9 will probably all be rested today. On the other hand, it’s the preseason, and the players fighting for spots will play harder than established NHL players, so they could always surprise.

Final Thoughts

Yesterday’s game was great. Do that in the regular season, please? Tonight’s game is just another preseason game, but I’ll be looking out for the guys trying to make the roster, whoever of them ends up playing.

Feel free to share your thoughts with a comment below and thank you for reading.