AATJ Community Fantasy League pt 2

Hey guys!

Wow hockey season creeping up fast so I guess this is a little late, but wanting to see who is interested in season 2 of the AATJ Community Fantasy League!

Please drop a comment if interested. Unfortunately due to my procrastination (and already being in 2 football fantasy leagues) we have around 19 days to draft. Last year I don't recall what day of the week we drafted but I want to say we did around 7/8pm. I know some people asked about doing money this year. I'm open to it, and if we move the league to Yahoo I think there is a way to deposit all our funds there and it automatically awards the winner the money. Open to any suggestions. Not seeing the ability to insert a poll so let me know below: If you want to play, what time of day is good for drafting for you? Would you be comfortable with a money league? If yes how much are you comfortable with?

I'll do my best to accommodate as many people as possible!

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