What's your favorite Devils Jersey that you own?

I bought a number 18 Mercer jersey this year and am proud that it's gonna be a relic. He's wearing 91 this season because of Palat

I buy a teeshirt every year and have close to 25 of them. Just to name a few, I have a Subban, Jagr, Taylor Hall Hart Trophy special shirt, 2012 Finals shirt, 2000 Champs, 2003 Champs, and the 2001 playoff series against the Hurricanes. This year I ordered a JBITBPITNHL teeshirt (they were sold on social media)

I have two CCM red and white jerseys from the glory days. No names on the back, per Lou's famous words. I wore those forever until they looked so beat up that I bought an Andy Greene Stadium Series when he was the alternate captain. I kinda beat the crap outta that jersey and spilled way too much food/drink on it, so I scooped up a Will Butcher jersey off the NHL Shop for $32 on clearance. I only bought that because of the price, although I have no issues with Butcher

But this Mercer 18 jersey might be my favorite already. I hated the new New Jersey jersey that I got a Newark Bulldogs jersey style for $54. I saw two games at The Rock this season (live in NC) and I got a ton of compliments. I dunno, the Bulldog thing is polarizing and I saw 4 games wearing it before the number became obsolete. I really think he will be a top 6 player, and he likes to go fishing which helps my fandom

Out of curiosity, anyone want to share their favorite Devils jersey?

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