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The AAtJ Open Post for the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

As is tradition when the New Jersey Devils are not in the playoffs, this is an open post for all 2022 Stanley Cup Playoff discussion at All About the Jersey. When it doubt, just cheer for whoever is facing Our Hated Rivals.

Florida Panthers v Tampa Bay Lightning - Game Four
Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

For the fourth straight season, the New Jersey Devils did not make the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

That stated, the Stanley Cup Playoffs always bring about the best (and occasionally the worst) about hockey. The intensity is cranked up to 11 out of a possible 10. The tension becomes thick enough that you, the neutral fan, can feel it in some games. Every overtime is its own adventure where legends are made in the face of infamy.

Therefore, this is an open post about the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs. This is where you can discuss the NHL playoffs. Not the AHL playoffs. That will have its own open post. Not the World Championships. That will also have its own open post.

The Schedule: Per, it begins tonight.

The Preview: I did a somewhat Devils-centric preview for the playoff teams here.

The Bracket Challenge: Some of the People Who Matter have created a NHL Bracket Challenge group. From norton-nemesis:

password is: rangerssuck

The 2022 Draft Impact: The Devils own Edmonton’s fourth rounder in 2022. So where Edmonton finishes in the playoffs will move that. Given that it is in the fourth round, it really does not matter. It is the fourth round.

The Rules: All usual site rules apply for this open post. No bad language, no illegal comments (read: no streams), no personal attacks, and all comments are to be about the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Go (Team playing Our Hated Rivals)!