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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 136: Draft Lottery Champions

They did it again!

2022 NHL Draft Lottery Photo by Mike Stobe/NHLI via Getty Images

We started this episode by discussing GM Tom Fitzgerald’s post-season media availability. Luckily for him, the Devils were the winners in the draft lottery yet again which gives them a lot of flexibility at number two overall. Trade-down options abound but if those don’t manifest, the Devils have their pick at a solid prospect near the top of what appears to be a fairly thin draft class. We also talked about the players that have upcoming decisions about their future as New Jersey Devils looming. Who stays and who gets another shot? We list the possibilities this week.

Everyone knew the Rangers would come back the second Crosby took a headshot. Let’s not pretend that any part of this season except the draft lottery and Hughes’ goal on night 1 were not designed to specifically torture Devils fans. We can hold out hope for the Penguins but with so many Game 7s to watch in the first round, let’s not waste our energy hoping against what feels fated.

The episodes may be more sporadic as less Devils-related news emerges but we’ll be on hand for all of the moves and rumors that are sure to abound in yet another off-season that the Devils feel poised to “win”. Whoopee.

As always, thank you for listening and Let’s Go Devils!