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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 132: Disastrophe

We had to come up with a whole new word.

New York Islanders v New Jersey Devils Rich Graessle/Getty Images

Was this rock bottom in terms of results and consequences? It feels like we’ve said that too many times in the last half-decade but it’s hard to argue that there’s a definite valley in a season full of them. Three awful results, but creatively awful in different ways, coupled with a season-ending injury for Jack Hughes capped off a week to forget in a season to forget.

The Devils did not fare much better in the game played the same night that this episode was recorded but to be honest, aren’t losses more purposeful at this point?

The slog to the finish continues. What embarrassment comes next? I guess we’ll have to find out because it can’t get much worse than 8-1, followed by a 4-goal blown lead, followed by two former Devils burying the team.

Sigh. Let’s Go Devils.