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Garden State of Hockey- Episode 134: Hasta La Vista, Vegas

The road trip ends on a positive note after some negative second periods.

New Jersey Devils v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Jeff Bottari/NHLI via Getty Images

The New Jersey Devils capped off their road trip with Andrew Hammond’s first win as a Devil against a Vegas Golden Knights team that had been desperately searching for points to keep pace in the Western Conference playoff race. After back-to-back games that were essentially lost or swung in the second period, the Devils bounced back in one of their last games with any sort of impact on the playoff standings.

One correction we can issue to the episode is that NHL teams were informed that the draft lottery would be taking place on May 10th instead of May 16th as we indicated. Will the Devils win again and truly become Edmonton East? Who knows, but I do know that we’ll be watching.

They face the Buffalo Sabres tonight and continue to try to spoil the Hurricanes’ attempt to win the Metropolitan Division this week (although that means helping those things in blue across the river) as we approach the NHL playoffs.

As always, thank you for listening and Let’s Go Devils!