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2022-23 Gamethread #30: New Jersey Devils vs. Philadelphia Flyers

The New Jersey Devils have had two ugly games against the Second Rate Rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers. Tonight, they will try to do better and win again; except this will be in New Jersey this time. Discuss it here in this Gamethread.

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NHL: DEC 03 Devils at Flyers
Make the orange team work harder for this one. Don’t expect gifts like this one to happen again.
Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Our Favorite Team will host the Second Rate Rivals tonight. They have been anything but second rate in the two games against them earlier this season. Perhaps some games in New Jersey will yield a better performance for Our Favorite Team. Let’s hope.

The Time: 7:00 PM ET

The Broadcast: TV - MSGSN, NBCSP; Audio - The Devils Hockey Network

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils vs. the Philadelphia Flyers (SBN Blog: Broad Street Hockey)

The Song of the Night: Given how much broadcasters want to push the highway narrative of this rivalry, why not think of the electronic classic “Autobahn” by the legendary Kraftwerk? This link goes to the single version, which charted in this country in the last year the SRR won anything. This link goes to the full 22+ minute version for those who want the full Autobahn experience.

The Breaking T Promotion: The people at BreakingT have taken notice of the Devils this season. And, through their connection with SBN, you can support this site through ordering a Devils shirt through a link like this one. They now have a new shirt featuring your favorite Swiss captain, Nico Hischier. Don’t miss it like a Jacob Trouba headhunting-style hit.

Nico Hischier is THE Captain of your favorite hockey team.
Nico Hischier is THE Captain of your favorite hockey team.

The Rules: As usual for this site since the very beginning: Keep your comments clean (this means no swearing, don’t mask it, it’s not enough), respect your fellow Devils fan with no personal attacks, no illegal streams (this means no asking, no hints, no nothing about it) and please keep comments relevant to the game. Go Devils.